How Celebrities Use Tiktok to Build Their Fame?

TikTok is a global version of a Chinese social media video-sharing application that has become extremely popular in recent years. In 2019 alone, it surpassed 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. Since its launch in the United States in 2018, it has already been downloaded 200 million times. If you are targeting an audience in the age group of 12 to 40, you must be wondering how to get TikTok followers using As American adults already spent more than 1.4 billion hours on TikTok in March 2020 itself, TikTok’s high penetration in the United States promises a vast marketing opportunity.

Skyrocketing users

This short-form video platform is an effective way to communicate through various forms like music, dance, education, comedy in 15-60 second videos. Since its launch, it has seen tremendous popularity in Asian countries, the USA, Russia, and numerous other nations. After the amalgamation of, TikTok has been presented to over 150 markets in 75 languages. Media outlets quoted in 2019, TikTok is the seventh most downloaded app of the last decade. Also, on Apple’s AppStore it surpassed the giants like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in terms of maximum downloads in 2018 and 2019 subsequently.

Why Celebrities are using TikTok?

Getting such a magnificent hold on the social media market, TikTok is not only great at finding cooking hacks or DIY’s, but also an exceptional medium for getting snippets of the celebrities’ life, whether they are athletes, actors, or chefs. TikTok’s skyrocketing users attract your favorite celebrities to this digital network. They are becoming more and more accessible through such applications. It’s a both-ways profit scenario for TikTok as well as the celebrities. When a glance of their world lies at the user’s fingertips, the user by default wants more of it. As A Result, the user base and time spent on the application increases. Without further ado, let’s understand why the celebrities are using TikTok to expand their horizons.

1.    Marketing

Famous faces are one of the most trusted things on a product. Hence, celebrities are always the best salesmen. The biggest brands present today create a brand association with the people by marketing a celebrity’s face. Endorsing an item by a largely admired sportsman or actor affects sales dramatically. And, this type of marketing is a huge success across every medium. Whether it’s large banner prints, voices on radio, television, or social networking applications like TikTok. A brand usually considers a celebrity with a large number of followers on such apps. It helps the labels to spread widely with maximum penetration. This is one of the prime reasons why celebrities are building their fame on TikTok.

2.    They get paid for promotion

Yes, the random visuals and graphics on their posts are not random! Celebrities charge a hefty amount for that product promotion or even just taking names of a particular brand. With the expert marketers and social media observers realizing the huge potential of TikTok recently have leaned hard on celebrities and influencers to digitally promote their product. The use of that skin cream or mentioning green tea benefits in short videos are all part of the paid promotion. This is one of the prime reasons many WWE stars, movie actors, and musicians are appearing in these social media stories in unexpected ways.

A 2020 report by HopperHQ reveals the whopping amount a celebrity is charging per post on Instagram. Where Dwayne Johnson tops the list by getting $1,015,000 per post, Kylie Jenner being the second-highest at $986,000 per post and the third highest-paid is Cristiano Ronaldo getting $889,000 per post. Despite being the new contender in the social media industry TikTok is also providing a ton of paychecks. For example, Charli D’Amelio with over 108 million followers on TikTok makes $8 million with her brand deals annually.

3.    Both-ways profit

Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon have been using this application organically since its launch in the US. The famous television host later capitalized through the app by #TumbleweedChallenge. Within a week, this challenge got viral and engaged 10.4 million users on the TikTok platform. This was one of the key factors for TikTok’s overwhelming response in the US market.  This type of partnership is TikTok’s major strategy in regional expansion. Aside from paid promotions, the label profits from well-known digital influencers and big names who utilize this app. This both-ways profit app and the celebrities or influencers to create a buzz on the platform and increase user engagement. By this, not only the influencer gets expansion in followers but also promotes TikTok.

4.    Celebrities use their fame for a good cause

Most of the celebrities post random photos and videos but few of them use their big names for a good cause and belief. Some of these famous personalities dive deep into a cause and participate in such events that impact hugely on the people worldwide. One such name is Angelina Jolie, who is known for her over twenty years of philanthropy and awareness of humanitarian crises. Her years of dedicated service to refugees had let UNHCR appointed Angelina Jolie as Special Envoy in April 2012. Recently she posed covered with bees to spread awareness on the bees around the world and it was shared by Natgeo on their social media handle. Such type of activity done by celebrities on a large user-based app, such as TikTok can spread global awareness on good causes.

5.    Empowering best practices in pandemic

The year 2020 was all about staying inside and social distance. This new normal encouraged celebrities to explore the digital app TikTok to engage with fans and offer best practices in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Some posted 20-second hand washing procedures, while others utilized their work of art like music, songs, and acting to mirror the significant messages related to Coronavirus. After all, these influencers are human at the core, and getting to know their fans and engaging with them would be empowering for them too.


More or less, TikTok is a joyful and engaging, but addictive application that has seen a flood in fame over the most recent years. This application is additionally turning up into a huge networking and marketing stage. Nonetheless, how the application makers influence this potential and keep up the current prominence of the application is yet to be seen. However, TikTok at present seems to be the next big thing in the social media world. What kind of TikTokers content are you consuming?

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