How Can Low-Quality Sunglasses Damage The Eyes?

When you think of sun protection, you automatically think of your skin. But the eyes can also suffer from the high-energy UV radiation and parts of the visible light. The radiation is particularly intense now in the summer during vacation time, so that it can cause acute illnesses as well as chronic damage. It is therefore important to put on the right sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV rays, explains the Federal Guild of Opticians/Optometrists.

Summer has arrived in England and the UV index, i.e. the strength of UV radiation, rises with the temperature. Right now is the time with the highest values ​​in London and territories nearby. Particularly at high altitudes and in the southern areas of the country, as well as between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., you are exposed to intense radiation. The right protection is all the more important: Just as you put sun lotion on yourself before sunbathing, it is also important to protect your eyes from UV rays. The following applies: the higher the UV exposure, the more important it is to use suitable glasses for protection, as low-quality sunglasses can have fatal and painful consequences. There are several Dior sunglasses models available you can rely on. Get one for yourself can protect not only your eyes but also add value in your personality.

Use the right sunglasses – how to recognize good sunglasses

Sunglasses should not only dampen the brightness, but also protect against invisible ultraviolet radiation. That does not mean that the darkest glasses provide the best protection, but rather those with a good UV filter. This can be recognized by the designation “UV 400”. It means that UV rays up to a wavelength of 400 nanometers are completely filtered out of the light, which is important for comprehensive protection of the eye. Although the color of the lenses has no influence on the UV protection, this does not mean that this is not a decision criterion for the right glasses.

Brown and gray glasses have the least effect on visual impressions. With all others, the eye needs a certain reaction time for the color to be neutralized again. “The size and the frame of the sunglasses should be adapted to the shape of the face so that the eyes are protected from the rays of the sun,” says Markus Gschweidl. Furthermore, it is important to check before buying whether the sunglasses have a CE mark, because with this mark the manufacturer guarantees that the glasses in Europe meet the minimum quality requirements. So if you wear the wrong sunglasses, you damage your eyes and it is particularly advisable to focus on quality in this regard. The Austrian opticians will be happy to advise and help you choose the right model.

Danger from bad sunglasses

As soon as sunglasses match the current fashion style in terms of frame, size and color, they are bought. But you rarely think about whether it also covers the sun protection aspects or not. Symptoms such as sensitivity to glare, a feeling of foreign bodies plus redness, burning and tears in the eyes can be the consequences of bad sunglasses. Just as the skin can get sunburn, so can our cornea. It is the protective layer of the eye and high levels of UV exposure can damage the cornea and retina. For example, dark glasses do not automatically mean good protection. On the contrary: the darker the lenses, the more the pupils open. If it is a question of glasses with a poor UV filter, the eyes are exposed to sunlight without protection.

Particularly protect children’s eyes

It is particularly important to protect the eyes of children, as children’s eyes are sensitive and in need of protection. The little ones’ large pupils and lighter lenses allow more UV rays into the eye than those of adults. In addition to the possible acute illnesses, children’s eyes are threatened with long-term damage to the lens and retina if they are not protected from the sun. Therefore, children should definitely wear sunglasses when the sun is shining and quality should be a priority when choosing the right glasses. The right children’s sunglasses should completely protect the eyes from UV rays and also shield them adequately on the sides. “In addition to UV protection, the lenses should also ensure their stability and sharpness. Good sunglasses must be free of streaks and must not distort. Special plastics can even withstand strong impacts, such as a bicycle fall,” explains Markus Gschweidl. Umbrella caps offer additional protection, especially from the rays of the sun coming in from above.


You should note this on priority that you are not supposed to spend hundreds of pounds adequate UV protection protection. You can get good UV-blocking shades for 50 pounds; just ensure they have a label with a sticker, stating they block 90% to 99% of UV rays; or mentioning “UV absorption up to 400nm,” which also means 100% blockage.

Nonetheless, the non-prescribed sunglass market is not regulated properly, so claiming statements, such as “blocks all UV rays” doesn’t make sense. However, the US Food and Drug Administration demands that 99% or 100% UV absorption claims should be real. It is important to note that the darkness and lens color don’t matter much as far as UV protection is concerned. So, if you have a pair of spectacles with rose-colored glasses, move ahead and use it since they guarantee to block 100% of UV rays.

On the other hand, cheap sunglasses may feel you like they’re protecting 100%, but in most cases, they make the problem worse. Did you know, when you have a dark surroundings — like walking into a dimly lit room, or smacking on those dollar shades, your pupils gets wider and open more to let more light gets into it. However, in case those sunglasses do not contribute to blocking UV radiation, your eyes are more exposed to the rays and that could be a real harm to your eyes.

Realize a fact, if UV rays can damage your skin, making it darker and peel the outermost surface of the skin, what harms can it bring to your sensitive eyes.  

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