Few of the Best Digital Music Magazines available online to Enrich your Music

During the time of this pandemic most of the media and publishing are moving more towards digital release. Many top magazines are turning into their digital counterparts because of this global digitalization and also, convenience. If you are a music fanatic and interested in learning about various updates related to the industry, this is the place to be.

Lot of top music magazine are now providing digital versions containing digital content such as interviews, reviews, cover stories, etc digitally.  Print media is slowly turning over to digital as it is more convenient and accessible for the readers.

The following are some of the most incredible digital music publications or you can say music magazines out there.

Rolling Stone

This bi-weekly magazine from America is one of the leading names in pop culture. Founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner in San Francisco, who still holds the position as the magazine’s publisher along with critic Ralph J. Gleason. It was famous for both its musical and political coverage reporting by Hunter S. Thompson. Then in the 90s, the magazine changed its focus towards the interests of the young reader stream with television, film, and music-oriented content. However, later in the years, the magazine changed its course to a mixed bag of content. It continues to be one of the biggest and the most influential magazine outlets out there. Rolling Stone’s coverage is often controversial and hence, is very popular across readers who are constantly looking for news and updates about the relevant industry.


This American media brand is a child of the Hollywood Reporter which is a division of the Eldridge Industries. From news to opinions, videos to reviews, events, and fashion, this magazine is a one-stop destination for all things cultural. Billboard is, however, most famous for its music chart listings. The Billboard Hot 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 are two of the most popular music charts out there that bridge the gap between the artist and their audiences. Their lists of the best and hottest songs and albums across genres have now become a popular obsession among music fanatics. Other subsidiary departments of this magazine include a publishing firm that looks after many television shows. A Billboard magazine contains various sections apart from the countdowns including topline news, style, reviews, The Beats that includes hot topics of the music industry, backstage pass, reviews, etc. It also publishes annual listicles with countdowns.

Daily Music Roll

This online music magazine is relatively new to the business but just within a few years of its journey has acquired a widespread readers’ stream. They specialize in publishing music-related blogs, news, reviews, and interviews across genres. The writers of the magazine are a team of dynamic and young bloggers who write for the pursuit of happiness that music provides them with. So, for someone who enjoys and loves music, their writings are also very personal, honest, and from the heart. The idea of Daily Music Roll is to create a community that would bring together music enthusiasts as well as artists under one stream. The magazine has placed various artists successfully including DJs, label owners, producers, rappers, lyricists, and more. They have special attention towards upcoming artists who are always looking for a platform to reach out to the audiences. Their contribution to the global growth of the music industry, especially with new and rising artists is something that deserves a special mention. They have played an important role in shaping the career of various musicians. The competition is up to the brim within the music industry. Daily Music Roll has made the journey for new artists a lot easier by giving them a platform without blinking an eye. Supporting new artists is the future of music and Daily Music Roll thrives to fulfil its vision through relentless hard work and conviction.


NME or New Musical Express is a Britain-based magazine focusing on film, culture, and music content. It was originally founded as a newspaper in 1952. With time, it became a magazine and then, a free publication for readers. In no time, it emerged as a thriving online brand offering both media websites and radio stations. It holds significant historical importance in Britain’s legacy of music coverage in the media. It was the first of its kind to publish a singles chart eventually becoming the best-selling newspaper in Britain. The publication moved to its magazine counterpart in the 80s and the 90s. They launched their website in 1996 becoming the biggest standalone site dedicated to music in the world garnering over sixteen million users every month. Although NME went through various changes in its format, ideas, and partnerships, it is still among one of the best and most popular magazines dedicated to music coverage out there.

Mojo Magazine

This monthly magazine has been around the scene since 1993 focusing mainly on classic rock. Over the years, it has risen as a music magazine with attention towards quality writing, something that sets Mojo apart from its peers. The magazine has an affiliation with non-conformist music and constantly offers a platform for upcoming, underground acts. Their reviews, stories, and interviews are gripping and can captivate an audience with no personal interest in music as well. They present an abstraction of world-class journalism, photography, and writing. They are very open to the modern resurgence of new music. Embracing the industry and new acts with open arms, they have created a scope that acknowledges music without a doubt of destructive criticism.


This magazine stands out from the rest as it focuses on content based on high-end audio equipment like amplifiers, speakers, audio-tech-related news like online streaming, and more. This publication is different from the rest in the list and is dedicated to all those equipment junkies out there who are constantly looking for reviews and releases to upgrade their gear. If you are somebody who is crazy about music equipment and news, recommendations, and the market story about the same, Stereophile will give the insider details of everything. It comes in both its print and digital counterparts with affordable subscription rates. Some of the popular columns on the magazine include The Analog Corner, records to Die For, etc.


Established in 1985, this magazine was popular for its extensive coverage of music across genres such as grunge, rock, hip hop, and indie-rock among others. Often called eclectic and bold in its output, Spin presented a much more flexible alternative to the classic Rolling Stone magazine. Spin was famous for promoting artists such as Prince, R.E.M., Beastie Boys, Talking Heads, etc. They also did covers on influential artists in music such as Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, John Lee Hooker, etc. The cultural scope of the magazine and its content is was based on jazz, punk, alternative, experimental rock, world music, reggae, etc. along with a special mention of the underground music scene.


Founded back in 1905 in New York City as a theatre and vaudeville-oriented newspaper, Variety has come a long way. Some of the most popular features on variety include breaking news, entertainment news, cover stories, music updates, etc. If you are looking for anything under the roof of entertainment and music, this is the place to be. Although more of a film magazine than a music one, it also holds an important role in bringing news about the music industry to a complete circle. From its focused writing to the excellent use of visual depictions through photographs, the magazine stands head and shoulders above its contemporaries.

Entertainment Weekly

Another American monthly magazine with films, music, television, books, culture, and Broadway theatre-oriented content, Entertainment Weekly is one of the most successful magazines of its kind. It was first published in 1990. It is very different from other entertainment and celebrity-focused magazines or media channels. They concentrate on critical reviews and media news based on the entertainment industry. The writing and the ideas are directed towards the general public. The digital version or website is a great outlet for daily news, blogs, television stories, music updates, and more.

The Fader

The New York-based magazine came into being in 1999 with a content coverage on music, culture, and fashion. It was also the first-ever print publication to be released on iTunes. With a perspective to pay attention to the leaning edge of the music fraternity and the culture around it, The Fader emerged as one of the best of its kind in its 22 years tenure. Some of the artists who received their first-ever magazine publications include Hendrick Lamar, Kanye West, tame Impala, The White Stripes, and more. The Fader has been instrumental in their outrageously popular and successful careers. They provide a creative balance between music, pop culture, and fashion. They stand as a leading name in the scope of modern music journalism.

Magazines covering stories, news, and updates on music are an important aspect of global cultural growth. As we enter a new digital generation in times of the pandemic where people are exposed to the music industry through various online Medias, we hope to see an increase in opportunities as well. The above-mentioned digital music magazines are playing a very crucial role in this digital evolution. Content and its reception have also changed over the years. People are more woke and aware these days.

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