Boost Your Business with Reviews

Reviews, especially online reviews, have flipped digital marketing around. Simply put, word of mouth in today’s largely digital world is just not enough. Consumers aren’t willing to purchase goods and services unless they can view positive reviews. Be it a smartphone or a hotel reservation; blind purchasing has drastically dropped. Instead, consumers look for reviews to ensure that they aren’t wasting their money.

Hence, your business is suffering if you’re not utilizing online reviews in marketing. Follow along with this article as we break online reviews into digestible pieces so you can implement smarter marketing strategies!

What are Online Reviews

These are like any reviews but exist on digital platforms such as Tripadvisor and Glassdoor. On these sites, consumers rate and review their experience of the product or service they had purchased. These reviews are public, and anybody on the internet can search for them. Hence, most potential customers actually visit these review sites to gauge the authenticity, durability and value before settling on purchases.

Why Are Online Reviews Important

In an online setting, consumers cannot physically feel products or gauge service quality before purchasing them. Hence, they turn to online reviews and rely on other consumers’ experiences. Any digital company –partially or exclusively– requires positive online reviews to stay in business. Apart from lending a positive reputation to your brand, online reviews can boost your business. We have mentioned below some of the ways they achieve just this.

Lending Trustworthiness 

The international e-commerce industry is worth over three trillion dollars as of last year. This increase results from market saturation; more and more online brands are popping up every day. Hence, consumers face a vexing question as to which brand will guarantee quality at the best price.

If a higher number of people have purchased your product and left positive reviews, your brand is automatically more trustworthy. After all, potential customers read multiple reviews that indicate the quality of products and services. In fact, BrightLocal’s 2020 research states that 90% of consumers read at least one review before purchasing a product. Similarly, consumers get discouraged from buying the product if they read even one negative review. Of course, nobody wants to risk their hard-earned money.

Optimize Your Website Through SEO

When looking for reviews, shoppers turn to commonly used search engines such as Google and Bing. These search engines go through millions of websites, sort their data and compile them into an index. Websites with a higher online presence will rank higher in search results due to search engine algorithms. 

Because customers utilize keywords in their online reviews, your digital presence increases. Hence, your brand will get higher visibility from the algorithms’ ranking system if you have multiple online reviews.

Enable Open Discourse Between Brands and Customers

Even the best brands receive negative reviews from time to time. These have the potential to drown your business by discouraging potential customers from purchasing. However, this is an avoidable situation. Either you can ignore or delete negative reviews or contact the customer and deal with the situation positively. 

Treat negative reviews as constructive criticism and accept that there is room for improvement. Doing so publically will improve your credibility and reputation by creating a soft image of the brand.

Bottom Line

The ecommerce industry trends change every day. Your brand’s best bet at remaining relevant is being dynamic with the industry’s constant changes. For now, this means utilising reviews as a component in your marketing strategy.



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