10 Breakthrough Technology Of 2021

For the past two decades, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced its “Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of the Year”. MIT’s authors highlight the technologies that are already changing our lives and those that will be implemented in a few years from now.

In our minds, a tech breakthrough refers to topics such as artificial intelligence, computer science, and advances in engineering. It is noteworthy that 21st century technological advancements are surprisingly diverse. Additionally, MIT Technology Review looks back on 2001 predictions and looks ahead to 2021. 

As a whole, Infotainmentbeats.com is hoping you’ll enjoy and explore this list that we have created and find out what technologies are transforming our lives right now or will have a significant impact in the future.

Messenger RNA Vaccines

The development of messenger RNA vaccines is the most important technology for 2021. Currently, there are two most effective vaccines against the Coronavirus based on messenger RNA, which has been developed for 20 years. The pandemic made this technology practical.


Natural-language computer models that can learn to speak and write are a giant step toward an AI. This model consists of 175 billion parameters, and it is remarkable how well it can write fluent text, include imaginative storylines, and perform very well in random conversation. 

Lithium-metal batteries

The new technologies are intended to replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries used in cellphones, laptops, and electric cars (EV).  Compared with other battery technologies, this one can boost the range of electric cars by 80% and be recharged quickly.

TikTok Recommendation Algorithm

TikTok is a rapidly growing social media platforms since it was launched in China in 2016. There have been billions of downloads and users. It’s the algorithm that keeps everything running smoothly. TikTok’s algorithms are likely to discover and highlight new creators.

Data Trusts

Europe and a few countries are proposing models for collecting, protecting, and managing personal data from users. Data trust collects and manages people’s data on their behalf. The group is responsible for the security of our data.

Digital Contact Tracing

When the Coronavirus first spread worldwide, it seemed as we could track it using digital contact tracing. With smartphone apps, people can keep track of who they’ve met recently via GPS or Bluetooth.  In pandemics, it is beneficial, but it is problematic if governments use it for less ethical purposes.

Green Hydrogen

When water is mixed with electricity, hydrogen is produced. When solar or wind-produced electricity is used to produce hydrogen, green hydrogen is created. On the other hand, most hydrogen is currently produced from natural gas, a dirty and energy-intensive process.

Hyper-Accurate Positioning

At present, GPS accuracy ranges from 5-10 metres. Every day, GPS transforms our lives and businesses. New technology makes it possible to measure down to millimetres or centimetres. It opens up new possibilities, such as landslide warnings and others.

Remote Everything

It is the last entry in the Covid series. We’re moving to a remote world.  Now it is the time to embrace remote living and become self-reliant. 

Multi-Skilled AI

Currently, AI is primarily limited to one dimension. One thing it does very, very well is that it can handle lots of things at once. While AI has progressed immensely over the past decade and is becoming more human-like, new advances allow it to handle multiple roles and tasks.

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