Emmanuelle Jacob Is Back Again With His Hit “Louder with Time”

Emmanuelle Jacob who is an artist out of Detroit, Michigan, just released his single “Louder with Time”. This is his follow up single after his debut release of “Her Savage” which did well over 50k streams. With this new release, Emmanuelle Jacob shows promise for becoming the next up and coming pop star of this generation. 

“Louder with Time” is an R&B pop track that has a smooth feel which comes from it’s concert poppy piano. Right at the start of the song, “Louder with Time” leads in with the piano making entrance for Emmanuelle Jacob’s voice singing, “Always hard to use past”. As he sings this phrase, Emmanuelle gets his listeners ready for his heartbreak performance which touches on deep topics about the struggle of mental health.

With this second single now in the books, Emmanuelle Jacob is heating up showing he can release hit after hit. Now touching on deeper topics, the young Detroit singer is truly getting “Louder with Time”.

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Listen to Louder with Time on Spotify below:

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