Anas Shahid: Think Smart And Work Hard

Everybody wants to be healthy and fit. But what you need to be the above is discipline, perseverance and a good coach.

A prominent figure to be noted in the Pakistani Fitness Industry is Anas Shahid. With a body like a chiselled Greek God, Anas not only builds his own but help others do so.

Anas Shahid, being a renowned fitness trainer customises workouts according to the specific client requirements. Preplaced, monotonous workout is not Anas at all. “Working out should be fun. It shouldn’t be a burden”,says Anas. And to create fun Anas has a no of techniques which never bores you.

Not just a fitness trainer, but a model actor and a fashion blogger, Anas is equally famous for his style and looks. 

With brands like Gatorade incepting trust in Anas, Anas in turn imbibes trust in his followers to carefully choose brands to promote, with the social responsibility he carries.

Anas on his blog and Instagram enjoys a fan following of more than half a million! Not just following but his live casts on Instagram are attended by thousands.

This lovable personality is available on Instagram to get in touch with at

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