Weekend Movie (And TV) Recommendations: Beach Edition

It’s basically summer, if not officially summer, in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather is warm, or straight-up hot. People will be spending more time outside, and also with vaccinations it’s safer to be outside around others. To get you into the beach-y mood, I figured my recommendations would be beach related. You might have to pop around a bit, but you also won’t risk sunburn or weird seaweed on your legs.

I’m starting with Beach Blanket Bingo, which is available for free on Pluto TV. To me, it’s the best of the Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello beach movies. They aren’t necessarily “good” in the traditional sense, but they mix actual quality with ironic enjoyment pretty well. Beach Blanket Bingo is a pretty fun watch, and definitely screams summer.

After that, how about a bit of classic reality TV action? You can check out Laguna Beach on Paramount+, or on the MTV app if you have MTV. I’m not saying watch every episode of every season. In fact, maybe you only want to watch one or two. You know what I would do? Watch the first episode and then the last episode. I bet that would be interesting.

Online: crítica de "The Beach Bum", de Harmony Korine - Micropsia

Then, it’s time to get a little weepy. Beaches is a classic tearjerker. It’s definitely not “beach fun.” However, it’s on topic for the night. This is an eclectic night of viewing, to be sure. Beaches is on Fubo, which requires a subscription. If you don’t want to get out the tissue, you could watch Matthew McConaughey in the bizarre film The Beach Bum on Hulu. I’m not necessarily recommending that. Just noting it.

Alright, I don’t want to send you to bed on Beaches, so let’s get one more recommendation in there. We’re going silly once again. All 11 seasons of Baywatch are on Hulu and nine seasons are on Amazon Prime. Is it a good show? No. Is it goofy and cheesy and fun to watch late at night, sober or otherwise? Most definitely. Especially if you like ‘90s-style bathing suits.

Watch all this on Saturday, and by Sunday morning you might be ready to hit the beach yourself.

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