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The idea of ​​cloud gaming services has been around the industry for about ten years. However, a radical breakthrough happened in the last couple of years, and we can talk about this technology as a fait accompli, available to everyone. Let’s look at what about cloud gaming services and how it will change the industry shortly.

What is a cloud gaming service?

We’re talking about a computer game streaming service. This service gives access to top-level games without having your high-power hardware. So, what does it look like? The client registers with the service, pay for a subscription, buy games, launches them, and plays from the service. You do not need to install them on a local device. Instead, all the load goes to powerful servers that the user “leases.”

This approach allows you to play the game without being tied to a specific device and buy expensive equipment explicitly sharpened for gaming. As you can see, if the concept “shoots” globally, it will lead to a significant change in the world of computer games.

Why have such services become possible only now? First, the equipment has appeared that can withstand such loads. Second, early cloud services did not provide high performance in games and were in demand by a small number of enthusiasts. Finally, around 2010-2012, it was easier to think that the concept would soon quietly die than to try to conquer the world.

The early implementations of this idea were the long-forgotten Gaikai or OnLive services. However, today the giants of the market are entering the industry: Google, Sony, and Microsoft. The latter two are aimed at conquering a niche, despite the presence of successful lines of consoles.

Google Stadia offers a different approach: access to a platform where you can buy games individually; for example, the subscription includes the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Gamers pay the cost of a single game, and the game is guaranteed to remain at their disposal. More expensive, but more reliable. A Stadia Pro subscription is available as an add-on, with HD video, surround sound, and a couple of bonus games per month.

Benefits of playing in the cloud

Platform-independent availability is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of a subscription that also supports cloud gaming. In this manner, we don’t should be restricted to utilizing one gadget – we play with what is close by. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that we are at home and like to appreciate the illustrations on the big screen, or we are in a bistro and choose to utilize a cell phone or tablet – we can in any case play a similar game. Note that we can even proceed with the game where we left off by bouncing from one gadget to another in numerous games.

Cloud gaming is, without a doubt, the future of the industry. There are more and more advantages to this type of gameplay, just as the catalog of games we can choose is growing. Moreover, the movement from place to place, so characteristic of the times we live, is no longer an obstacle. On the contrary, it is another field for development and an excellent opportunity to meet the changing expectations of modern players.

How cloud gaming works

So, we have decided that the gamer, within the service framework, “leases” a powerful computer “somewhere” and uses any equipment for games. Only a stable Internet connection remains an essential condition. The player sends a request, the server launches the game and broadcasts it to the user’s device, for example, in a browser. The player performs game actions with the keyboard and mouse, and the data is sent to the server. He answers the player accordingly. Some services support a gamepad, but the way it works is the same.

This description allows you to understand how the technology is dependent on the quality of the Internet and cloud technologies. They have reached such opportunities recently, and cloud gaming services were activated at that moment.

Is cloud gaming profitable?

Technology makes cool games available to the general public, which is the foundation of the future profitability of cloud gaming. Is it so? It isn’t easy to give a clear answer yet, because the final business model has not yet been formed to talk about financial performance and the willingness of gamers to switch from spending on hardware every few years to expenditures for a subscription every month.

The available services are testing different business models at the moment, and they differ from each other, with significant pros and cons. For example, PlayStation Now and, in the long term, xCloud and Xbox Game Pass use Netflix’s methodology and offer a subscription for access to the catalog. This is a cheap option, but there is always a risk that your favorite game will be removed from the record.

Another tested option (GeForce Now and Shadow choose this) is the payment for access to the virtual machine, where the player installs licenses from Steam, etc. But, again, rights conflicts arise, and this idea does not justify itself well. Trotons Tech Magazine is the best magazine for providing best tech and games news and innovation.


To summarize, is there a future for cloud gaming? Its success is inevitable. All the hardware you need to run games is already on the cloud server. There is also no need to download and install games on them. The video game is fully rendered and played on a remote server, and you can control it locally on your computer. You can play on an old laptop, smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV with only the remote access app installed. But for the quality of the game to be good, the user will still need a stable Internet connection and a good response from the remote access application to the streaming service.

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