The Future Of AI : Anique Hashmani

The past decade has been an interesting time for the development of decentralized technologies. The record keeping technology came into limelight in 2009 when Bitcoin gained traction which is based on these blockchains.

In 2015, Anique gained access to Blockchain program development and soon he mastered it such that his scanner programs were sought after for predicting contracts. He made his first million in 2017 and then there was no looking back. He kept investing in his own applications based on Ethereum and continued to earn money for his investors and self.

Anique grew gradually keeping pace with the markets and started Bitasia, a digital firm backed up by Venture Capitalist with an undisclosed amount. Anique handles clients across the globe from various Amrlerican, European and Asian countries. Anique has made specific groups on Telegram to guide and consult his clients.

Web3, Python, Solidity, name it and Anique has a hold. Based on Ethereum, Anique’s programs allows developers create sophisticated programs that can communicate with one another on the blockchain. 

Anique resides in Saitam, Japan. He endeavours to make applications in a variety of fields and help render Blockchain services to the commonest of common problems paving the way for creativity rather than record-keeping.

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