Creating An Incredible Success Story In The World Of Music – Cooli Highh

The African-American musical artist, songwriter and content creator, has astounded people with his musical talents.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of all, the emergence and rise of astute and talented individuals across industries and fields is something that has made the most headlines. Today, when people speak about the music industry, they know how it has produced several impeccable artists so far. However, people are also aware of how difficult it may get for artists to create a special place for themselves in the hearts of their listeners. We came across a high-performing and absolutely brilliant music artist, songwriter and content creator named Samuel Thomas Jones, aka Cooli Highh, who not only made significant waves in the American music industry but also earned much respect for his life story as a burn survivor, who stopped at nothing and created a life, where he could do more and be more.

Cooli Highh was born in San Diego, California, and at three years old, he was kidnapped and was burned alive and left to die. However, he rose high as a burn survivor and studied at Arkadelphia High School. He even obtained his Bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2013 from ITT Technical Institute. Music was something his heart was hooked to always and with him aim to express the deepest feelings of his varied life experiences through music, Cooli Highh made the high jump into the American music industry and since then has never looked back.

The hip hop genre inspired him the most and all his songs exude the magic of this genre. Since his debut album 48Hrs, Cooli Highh has been gaining top-notch recognition and fame for his songs like Cold Soul, Flowers, Arkansas Anthem M.M.M., Piranha, Locomotive, Medicine and Worked So Hard. Cooli Highh confesses that major artists like Jay Z, Fab, Juelz Santana, The Rap Goats, ATCQ, Andre 3000, Curren$y and Jimmi Hendrix are those from whom he drew great inspiration.

GoodVibesCorp is his venture, under which he successfully runs ‘The HighhLife Podcast’ and also runs a fashion website named AcMgFashion with a vast collection of accessories and clothing like hoodies, t-shirts, etc. His eclectic music is available on all music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube.

To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @thecoolihighh and visit the website,

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