Why should you become a moderator for Everything|Wiki?

Everything|Wiki is an exceptional website that is an updated version of Wikipedia. This comprehensive encyclopedia provides any person from all around the world an opportunity to contribute to society and earn money at the same time! On this platform, the service providers, as well as the consumers of the products, are brought together. Information about any public company, person, item, theory, animal, etc. can be published without any restrictions. If anyone wants to be a part of the wiki community and actively contribute to the benefit of humanity, they can seize the opportunity by becoming a moderator for the website.

Everything|Wiki: Goals

  1. Information about public persons, business, company, theory, animal, etc. can be found on the website. The size of a certain company does not matter: information can be published about it anyway. An article about your local bakery, or an international food chain like McDonald’s can both be located on the website.
  2. This is an amazing platform for such businesses and companies that want to promote their products and reach out to a greater audience.
  3. Consumers can make sound choices when shopping for a certain product by consulting the description and reviews on Everything|Wiki. 
  4. The interactive environment is beneficial to consumers and service providers equally. 
  5. Moderators can update and write new articles for the website in order to increase their ranking.
  6. In the future, the website will create its own cryptocurrency. Then, the moderator’s points will be converted into that currency with ease.
  7. An opportunity for community members is also available to buy the coin that allows them to have a share in the incomes of the website. 

Advantages for the moderators

Moderators can greatly benefit from this community. Not only can they inform humanity about a vast range of important topics, but they can also earn money by actively creating and updating articles. Thus, if you have always had a knack for reporting and researching, this is quite an opportunity for you! Listed below are the reasons one should become a moderator for Everything|Wiki right now:

  1. Moderators can get free membership to the website.
  2. Moderators are paid for every article they create or update. A crypto coin is used to compensate.
  3. The ranking is used as an incentive for moderators to participate more actively (and also earn more currency). The names of the highest-ranked moderators are also displayed on the homepage!
  4. Bonus payment is rewarded to active moderators who create and update the most content and have a high ranking.
  5. Moderators can earn more if they book an order for a customer. When a client books a product with the website, the moderator who referred the product receives the client’s order and processes it. This allows them to receive extra payment.
  6. If a moderator wishes to offer their article writing services to some other platform, they can pursue their interest without any restriction.
  7. Moderators can become important members of the Wiki community.
  8. Moderators can build a good reputation for themselves by working for this highly popular and esteemed platform.


Advantages earned as community members of Wiki

  1. Community members have the advantage of earning the coin. This enables them to have a share in the income of the website.
  2. The community members can greatly benefit from the free membership to the website.
  3. When revenue is abundant, the website buys the coins back from the market to create a coin shortage. This is a successful tactic to stabilize the price or even increase the revenue. 

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