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What’re Are The Requirements for a Fire Watch Guard?

If your fire alarm and/or sprinklers aren’t working properly, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) may mandate you to deploy fire watch guards. To be more explicit, if your fire alarm system is unattended for 10 hours or more in a 24-hour period, you must hire a fire watch guard. In such cases, you must contact the local fire department. That implies that every structure or facility with a fire alarm or sprinkler system is required to correct any malfunctions as quickly as feasible.

Here are the main requirements of Fire Watch Guards

Malfunctioned Fire Alarm

A fire watch guard is required if your fire alarm system has been hacked. For a variety of causes (mechanical or electrical), your fire alarm or sprinklers may become inoperable. In such cases, the law mandates the presence of an on-site fire watch guard to limit responsibility, prevent penalties, and assure everyone’s safety in the event of a fire.

Fire Watch Patrolling

All of the places in concern are patrolled and monitored for any irregularities during a fire watch. If the fire watch guards notice any fire dangers, they must call the fire department right away. Every action is also recorded in the log of the fire watch guard.

The fire watch must not be broken until the system has been restored. Once the problems have been resolved and the fire system is operational, fire inspectors will inspect the premises to ensure that everything is in working order. The fire watch is no longer required once they have determined that everything is in functioning order. Keep in mind that the regulations for fire watches may differ from one state to the next.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are high-risk, sensitive regions that are prone to fire breakouts. As a result, leaving a building site unattended is not a good idea. If anti-fire systems (fire alarms, fire sprinklers) are compromised or not operating correctly, property owners are obligated to install a fire watch, according to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). In circumstances of building construction or demolition, or during nonworking hours, fire watch guards at a construction site may be necessary.

Fire Watch for Hot Work

“Hot work,” which is commonly linked with welding and grinding, refers to any activity that produces a flame and so represents a fire hazard. This is a common cause of industrial fires, which may be devastating. During any hot labor operation and for at least 30 minutes afterward, a fire watch guard is required. This criterion tries to limit the danger of future fire, particularly if combustible items are present near the location. A fire watch can, however, be prolonged if the management notices any possible dangers.

Construction sites must have a fire watch that covers the whole area where hot work is done. Guards on the lookout for fires must be well prepared and have fire extinguishers on hand. Employees undertaking hot labor, as well as fire watch guards, must be educated to handle fire extinguishers.

Aside from the responsibilities listed above, every fire watch security guard employed by a reputable security guard business is required to keep fire watch logs on a regular basis. As they patrol both the occupied and unoccupied portions of the facility, they must carefully document their findings and share them with the on-site management and their firm in real-time.

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