Web Trends In 2021

The development of the Internet, into the colossal information apparatus that it is today, can be traced to the design trends that have changed the face of the World Wide Web over the years. Above all, the mobile revolution pushed designers to change their minds and today their job is to present an Internet that fits the smallest screens without leaving out important information. But at a more specific level of design, it can also be observed how new trends are constantly being born that will determine the Internet of the future. Here are 3 of these novelties so that the most modern web design does not take you by surprise in 2021.

Trend 1: Websites Safety

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Trend 2: interactive 3D elements

To date, three-dimensional shapes and graphics have not played a significant role when it comes to web design. Those who have wanted to accompany their web project with 3D elements have mainly used videos. However, a new trend in web design is about to replace static elements with three-dimensional content.

More and more frequently, users come across 3D elements on web pages that move when they are clicked with the mouse or, on touch screens, when they are selected with the finger. For electronic commerce, this type of interactive object shows great potential, since customers interested in a product can see it from all possible angles and thus get a more concrete idea of ​​the real appearance of the object. With interactive 3D elements, the online shopping process resembles that of local stores, where customers can inspect the products as they please.

Trend 3: High-Quality Graphics with SVG

Although the SVG image format is not new, it has increasingly attractive advantages: it guarantees a small file size, it can be scaled flexibly and it can be formatted with CSS, which makes it a web design trend in 2021. Given Since SVG is basically an XML file format, the source code (and therefore the graphic itself) can be directly modified with CSS. This combination allows web designers to incorporate graphics on the web page that adapt to the screen used or that users can even modify. As an alternative, you can also find various vector graphics (both free and paid) on the Web to use directly or you can, if you prefer, create them yourself.

Trend 4: Progressive JPEG

The images that are integrated as progressive JPEG are not loaded from top to bottom like baseline images, but, using the so-called interlaced scan, the first thing that is shown to the user is a preview in lower quality that is detailed little by little until all data for the entire image is loaded.

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