Top Five 7×7 Summer Houses by Garden and Patio

Are you ready to enjoy the summers with your favorite drink and a structurally composed summerhouse? Well, no worries there are tremendous types of design and features that can help you build a summerhouse of your own choice. A summerhouse helps you in enjoying the summers with help of a shade and house framework. There are many designs present online or on

A summerhouse can be made with materials of your own choice but always opt for designs and materials that are firm and durable enough to go a long way in the future. You can look for Summer houses for sale in Uk for much brighter styles and designs.

  • Shire Barclay 7×7 summerhouse

Well if you are looking for a magnificent piece of art portraying your summer house then Barclay summerhouse is the ultimate option to fill the garden of yours with its construction. The tall height of the summerhouse is exclusive and the windows and doors of the summerhouse are coated with styrene glaze safety, giving ultimate protection and security. There are enough windows to let the bright sunlight enter the summerhouse and let you feel and enjoy the warmth of it. The wall panels are approximately 12mm lined with shiplap board and are further coated with a timber base coat which is in honeycomb color. The summer house is built up with firm framing to provide durability and the roof of the summerhouse is heavy-duty green mineralized.

  • Shire Alnwick 7×7 summerhouse

Looking for a more Georgian style summer house then you are in the right frame of direction. Alnwick summerhouses are beautifully constructed with form materials. They come with a wide canopy placed over the verandah of the summerhouses and the Georgian style doors add further beauty to the summerhouses. The summerhouse is made with a square and strong framework. It is clad with tongue ship land and groove board. The floor of the summerhouse is made with T and G boards strong enough to prevent cramping, warping, or staining. The summer house can be coated with a dip of your favorite color. You can add décor outside and inside the summerhouse of your own choice and style. Overall the summer houses are made with timber treated pressure that increases the longevity of the summerhouse in general.

  • Shire Buckingham summerhouses

Another Georgian-style summer house you can choose to place over your garden is the Buckingham-style summerhouses. By Georgian style, we mean the windows and doors are large enough and are double-coated. The roof of the summerhouse is made with ships and groves and tongues and the floors are also constructed with wooden boards that are strong and firm. There’s a coating of the double-coated dip base that can be made or done with colors of our own choice. The dimensions of the houses are wide enough to involve a group of people to enjoy and relax in the summerhouses. You can add furniture or home décor products of your style and design to add to the beauty of the summerhouses.

  • Shire Houghton summerhouse

There are many folks around who love to opt for more British-style summerhouses with wide roofs and fixed windows and doors. If you are one of them and wished to opt for such a British summerhouse this is what you are looking for. The features are typically the same but the wide verandah and roofing are the main features. The floors are made with T and G boards and the roof is made up of groves and ship land tongue. The overall summerhouse is coated with a dip coat of brown color to add to its beauty, protection, and durability as well.

  • Chatsworth summerhouse

Last but not least comes the Chatsworth or you can say another Georgian style summer house that looks more like a beautiful doll house being placed in one of your garden corners. The features are yet to be the same as the above listed. This summerhouse is built with European pine which is strong enough to keep the summerhouse intact in its place. You can color the summerhouse according to your taste and design. The floors and roofs are grooved and built with ship land tongue to increase the firmness and rigidity of the summerhouses.

A summerhouse with strong materials and a construction phase can run for many years. A summerhouse is an ideal place to enjoy the sunlight during winters or to have some private time alone. A summerhouse can be decorated with decent furniture both inside out. If your garden is wide enough you can construct a summerhouse of your choice to enjoy your relaxing time.

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