Top 4 Benefits To Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

Did you know that the teeth whitening industry surpassed $11 billion in yearly sales in 2015 according to Cosmetic dentistry has always been a popular choice to help improve a smile. Whether it’s getting your teeth straightened or whitened, everyone wants a perfect smile. It’s the first feature that people notice about you and first impressions are everything. One of the newer ways to whiten teeth is custom whitening trays. These easy-to-use and affordable at-home treatments are rapidly growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Here are four benefits to custom teeth whitening trays.

Full Coverage Of Teeth

When you seek to have a whiter smile, you don’t just want your front teeth to be white. You also don’t want just the top or bottom row to be white. The perfect white smile starts with having each tooth front and back whitened and that’s what teeth whitening trays can do. The trays are custom, meaning they fit specifically for your smile and no one else’s. These custom trays come with a tight but comfortable fit over the top of your teeth and will rest snuggle on top.

When using other forms of teeth whitening treatments like a blue light, whitening toothpaste, or whitening strips, the treatments don’t fully envelop your teeth. Strips only cover a few teeth, the toothpaste only reaches where you brush and the blue light can’t reach the back of your teeth. Custom whitening trays paired with foaming gel will foam around each tooth meaning the front and back of it receiving treatment. The foaming gel also means that the crevices and nooks of your teeth are fully whitening. Custom teeth whitening trays will give each individual tooth a complete whitening treatment.

Easily Fits Into A Schedule

You want a perfect smile that glistens and sparkles but that takes time and your time is valuable. Sitting around and playing on your phone while a blue light shines into your mouth may sound easy enough but it requires you to stop what you’re doing or purposely take time out of your day to complete the treatments. With custom teeth whitening trays, the treatments can slide into your morning or nightly routine without the need to make more time.

The EVA Material made custom teeth whitening trays are waterproof making them a great addition to the shower. These treatments leave your teeth feeling sparkling and clean as the whitening gel erases years of tea, coffee, wine, smoking, and other natural stains. By incorporating these treatments in the shower, you aren’t adding any more time to your busy morning routines. Whitening tray treatments typically take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes making it the perfect timeframe for a shower. What’s even more convenient is washing your mouth and the trays out in the shower. You could even leave your teeth whitening trays in the case on a shower rack for a friendly reminder. Blue light treatments require electricity often having you hook up a power cord to your phone. If your phone is low on battery or if you’re on the go, you won’t be able to use the blue light.

Safe For Sensitive Teeth and Gums

There are many people who have thought about trying a teeth whitening treatment only to be hesitant with their sensitive teeth. Blue Light Whitening Treatments may leave your teeth feeling weakened or extra sensitive to cold or hot liquids. The fact that whitening trays are custom fit, means that the tray is designed specifically for you. The cut and trim are tailored to each person so the foaming gel that they use doesn’t spread onto the gums risking irritation. If you’ve used whitening strips before you know that leftover feeling of whitening gel being sloppily left on your teeth. If there is any gel residue left, it’s inside the whitening trays and is easy to remove.

For users who want to go the extra step in protecting their teeth against potential irritations, there are foaming whitening gels at different strengths. Sporting Smiles offers whitening gels at 35 percent FDA strength for regular use and 22 percent FDA strength for extra sensitive teeth. Both gels will give you premium results, with the 35 percent acting faster. If you’ve been using any kind of teeth whitening treatments whether they are custom teeth whitening trays or another form, there are also remineralizing gels to help rebuild your enamel when you are ready for more treatments.

Years of Teeth Stains Can Be Erased Within Two Weeks

Keeping your teeth in tip-top shape can be a difficult chore. With all the brushing and flossing, it can be easy to slack every now and then. It’s only natural, and it’s only reasonable that as time goes on your teeth will discolor from white to yellow or brown. The good news is that it’s not a permanent status. With custom teeth whitening trays, your years of smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and wine can be erased with a steady treatment of teeth whitening. There are tons of different toxins in foods and other chemicals that you consume daily and each one of them can affect the way your teeth look. By completing your daily 10-15 minute teeth whitening treatments, your teeth can look a few shades whiter and healthier in a matter of two weeks.

Even if you keep great oral care of your teeth, you may still want to look your best for big occasions. Maybe you have a wedding or a birthday coming up. You know there will be tons of photos taken and posted on social media and filters can only do so much for teeth. Have a natural look in these big moment photos when you say “Cheese”. Order your custom teeth whitening trays ahead of time and make sure you’re ready for life’s biggest moments when you are out to impress family and friends.

Those are four benefits to custom teeth whitening trays. It’s no secret that everyone is striving for a whiter smile but when you are ready to make your treatment choice keep whitening trays in mind. These options are safe, effective, and very affordable compared to other options.

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