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Aaron “Pegasus – Medusa Son” Hilton, get to know the rising celebrity fashion designer & artist! Aaron is “Pegasus” – celebrity fashion designer by day, and “Medusa Son” – recording artist by night! The Cleveland born and raised fashion designer landed himself in LA recently and teamed up with fashion icon Desto Dubb. Aaron makes 1 of 1 designs for his own brand 1LandHilton and for “That’s An Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup” by Desto Dub. Some of Aaron’s recent designs have been for some notable names like Young Thug, Jerrika Karlae, King Chip and more.

Recently being asked the questions, “What does being a successful celebrity fashion designer entail?”

and “What is the most rewarding part of being a celebrity fashion designer and recording artist?”

Pegasus hits us with his response “Goin’ against the odds like any other self business and seein’ people

love and enjoy my outfits I’ve created as well as enjoying and moving to the sounds I’ve made, makes it

worth it for me.”

With fame we all know it can sometimes come with the negativity. Pegasus recalls once he started to become famous people would call him “Hollywood” from people “that didn’t help to get the success but want all the benefits and receiving love from the people you want it from.” says Pegasus. There’s no doubt that craziness that comes with being famous will go away, but we know for sure that Pegasus has so many amazing opportunities coming his way that negativity is the least of his worries. One of his major music inspirations is none other than music mastermind Kid Cudi. So what inspires his clothing line, “Asian culture inspired my fashion eye” says Pegasus. If you have seen Land Hilton, then you will see why Asian culture is what inspires it. All in all we absolutely love what Pegasus has to offer the world with his music and amazing clothing line. His message to young fashion designers and recording artists is “Be yourself and the world will gravitate to being how you want it to be.”

Be sure to follow Pegasus on IG: @The_Majin_God and @LandHilton

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