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Charles Emmett Harris Discusses Hiring An Attorney

Being put into any set of circumstances where you need to have an attorney is a very stressful situation. Then again, the process of selecting and then hiring an attorney can also prove very stressful. There are quite a few different lawyers out there. Who do you hire? Do you just hire the one that has advertisements on the sides of city buses you see? Or do you look a little harder? For that matter, you should figure out what’s really important to you when hunting an attorney who can help you. Here are some tips from Charles Emmett Harris IV to finding the right attorney.

1) Know The Kind Of Lawyer That You Need:

The field of law has similarities to the field of medicine. Both get very specialized quite quickly. Gone are the days where one attorney was able to practice all kinds of law at the same time. Laws change too fast, and most of the time, the stakes are just way too high for any single attorney to keep up with every kind of law. Consequently, many attorneys focus on select areas of the law. Some state bar associations, such as Washington, actually prohibit area attorneys from using words like ‘specialize’ anywhere in their advertising as they explain the legal areas they provide services in. However, most legal advertising should include what legal areas they actually focus their practice in. Be cautious of any lawyer that advertises for cases in too many legal fields or just promises too much. This indicates that they don’t have enough skill level in a single area to actually help you, particularly if they practice minimally in the area of help that you need. Rather, look for attorneys that practice the kind of law that aligns with your current legal issue, because they’re more likely to have relevant experience.

2) Consult Social Media:

One thing that makes the process much simpler is how many social media sites there are where consumers can shop around for attorneys prior to even contacting one. Not sure where to start? We recommend the following sites in terms of lawyers:






You can use these sites to find out the names and locations of lawyers, but you can also find out their specific fields of practice, their level of experience, what credentials they have, and any endorsements they have from former clients and even professional colleagues.

3) Look Specifically At Their Websites:

Most law firms now have websites. The content of these websites and the overall quality will vary quite a bit. Some of them have more ‘puffery’ than others, as some are more likely to have useful substance to them. Some law firms will put their history of verdicts and settlement amounts on their website, but as a prospective client, you need to remember that every case is different. Case outcomes rely on those differences just as much as attorney skills. Also, no attorney can actually guarantee you a particular outcome or specific dollar figure on any individual case.

When you look at the bio of any attorney, pay special attention to any professional credentials and activities. Are the members of a professional association? Do these associations relate to your particular legal issue asks Charles Emmett Harris? Do they only pay dues to be members of these organizations or do they actually hold leadership roles in them? Have they done any lectures or writings on parts of the law relevant to your case? Has their legal work won them awards? Actively participating in professional associations usually indicates attorneys who are up to date with the most current techniques and trends that might apply to your case. It shows they care for their clients because they go the extra mile.

4) Talk With Your Friends:

Ask friends you trust if they’ve had to hire attorneys before. See if they liked who they worked with. You want to find an attorney that communicates well with clients, explaining every various step of your case. You deserve someone that treats you with respect. Finding a referral to someone that worked hard for someone you know is a good step, but they also need to be obviously experienced in a part of the law that suited their legal needs. Above all else, ask your friends if they were happy with how the case turned out. A recommendation from a friend doesn’t let you off the hook for investigating possibilities on your own, but it will give you a great place to start.

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