Award-Winning Hip Hop Artist Angelo Releases “Houston Texas”

It is not common to find this level of sophistication and storytelling in one song, but the award-winning international hip hop artist Angelo have achieved it in “Houston Texas.” From early memories to the current state of mind; from toxicity return to a place of innocence and naivety; from struggle and betrayal to the searching for love — “Houston Texas” brings its audience on a roller coaster.  

The inspiration of this song started with a vision: “I want to bring back memories from the past and make people think about the future. I want my music to make them feel, and that’s my goal,” said Angelo.  

The tasteful transition from the fascination of Houston to the mysterious woman leaves enough space for imagination. One idea leads to another, and all the pieces fall into place: “It’s like creating a story. I feel strongly about Houston Texas. I have a deep passion for it, so I compare this person to Houston: I love her like I love Houston, Texas.” 

Angelo has been traveling around the US bringing his music to more people. “Houston Texas” is just the start of his next adventure. With a growing fan base of more than 25K audiences built without any outside help. From this early stage of his career, the hip-hop artist shows promise. Without a doubt, Angelo is meant for greater achievement. 

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