Vineet’s new single release “I Pray”

Vineet’s new single release “I Pray” builds on the Indian singer/songwriter’s budding reputation as one of the pop world’s most versatile talents. His first foray into the world of trap style hip-hop is a resounding success as he proves a natural fit for this sort of material. Confining the song, however, to that style alone is a disservice. Vineet’s confident hand invokes other musical strands during “I Pray” Juggling a variety of textures is a challenge for newcomers and seasoned artists alike but, when successful, provides listeners with a diverse listening experience.


The music has a vibrant sound that reaches out of the speakers without ever overwhelming listeners. Its physical qualities are even more impressive when considering Vineet’s want for pursuing a light electronica driven composition. Synthesizers, pre-programmed percussion and bass blend with ease. Cast aside any notions of “I Pray” sounding like a cliched DIY affair; far from it. Vineet, instead, produces a track with production values every bit the equal any major label provides their artist. It’s one more illustration of how, for all its caveats, technology has affected a democratization over the popular music world. The old gatekeepers are dead and anyone can achieve professional sound quality with an limited budget.

The plaintive cry for relief built into the lyric for this song is sincere. His choice of language matters a great deal but Vineet’s phrasing matters far more. His Indian heritage doesn’t impede his delivery of English words and never places a foot wrong throughout the cut. Expressing himself with unequivocal conviction that his fellow human beings, long suffering under the weight of this terrible pandemic, deserve a respite from its deathly touch. He doesn’t need to conjure visions of Jesus and heavenly forces; invoking the simple act of prayer is enough to open our hearts.

Vineet’s voice undergoes a gradual metamorphosis. He is singing in what sounds like his natural register during the opening passages for “I Pray” and lays down later challenges for himself that he meets each time. A cookie cutter approach to the single’s vocal would diminish the performance across the board but Vineet always brings commitment to his singing. The occasional reinforcement arriving via double-tracked vocals gives “I Pray” extra wallop. It’s stylized without ever sounding bloodless and the veneer of finesse applied to the vocal arrangement deepens its impact on listeners.


Vineet doesn’t have an extensive discography yet but each new release has transformed his career. “I Pray” joins its illustrious company and will, without a doubt, accelerate his growing exposure. His gifts transcend borders and culture alike and you get the feeling hearing this new single he has only scratched the surface of his potential. It’s, finally, a song we all need at a time like this but not just a prayer for those still living or suffering – a pray for all us who lived through the craziest year plus in recent history. Vineet has left us with more than a relic of its era – he’s left us with a timeless reminder of our common bonds.  

by Bethany Page

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