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Top 5 Features Of The Best Bitcoin Casino Platforms

People are getting excited about playing games with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin casino as an institution is very much ascendant right now – it’s part of the frontier of digital gaming that’s becoming more a part of our common routines, and the ways that we play with digital money. As Bitcoin becomes a more established part of finance, the utility of blockchain is coming to many markets, and gaming is no exception.

So what’s important for these centralized Bitcoin casino operations? What do players look for when they’re deciding where to go with their money? Knowing what’s at stake, pioneers are doing market research to figure out how to build the best venue, and the results are interesting.

Here are some of the top things that new players are looking for as they arrive at a particular Bitcoin casino web domain. Some of these “must-haves” have to do with ease of use. Others have to do with player rewards. All of them have the potential to spur engagement and to keep a player base loyal, creating that word-of-mouth and online excitement that’s so valuable in the online gaming world.

  1. Lots of Pairs and On-ramps

First of all, players will look to be able to leverage what they have, whether that’s Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other kind of coin. To the extent that they can easily transfer fiat and crypto, they’re more likely to get involved and stay engaged.

Along with this, a user interface that’s intuitive and user-friendly is extremely important. It’s important anywhere on the web, whether you’re signing up for telecom or buying a sweater, but it’s exceptionally important in online gaming, because obstacles and bottlenecks will have players running for the exits to try some other competitive platform. There are a number of these venues out there!

  1. Bitcoin Casino Extras: Cashback, Bonus and Free Play

Players like to feel valued, which is why they’re looking at all of the different extras the platforms provide just for sustained play.

Cashback is always great, because you get some of your digital value rolling back to you as you play. Bonuses create that extra pocket of gain that gives some players an endorphin rush. There are also free play options provided by some Bitcoin casino platforms that are also attractive to players.

Beyond that, platforms can also offer personalized digital items that players will take ownership of, and hopefully either bond with in some cases, or sell for value in others. For an example of the former, think about the potential to create a virtual pet that’s all yours and has unique characteristics. Also, the idea of “play-to-earn” is introducing in-game or platform tokens that will produce value in RPGs and other similar types of games, not just games we associate with “gambling.”

  1. Lots of Games

Slots, video poker, blackjack – you name it. With a Bitcoin casino or other cryptocurrency platform, having hundreds of varied games is essential. Think of it this way – unlike the operators of the physical casinos of yesteryear, these designers don’t have to lug heavy machines around the floor in order to add or rearrange play opportunities. They just click a button.

With that in mind, having variety, from competitive card games to children’s fairytale games and everything in between, is important. Imagine a casino that has poker and slots based on your favorite Disney characters, or related to visualization of an era in history, where ancient kings and queens and quaint cultures come alive on a slot machine payline. Graphics and effects are one part of the attraction, but game play and narrative appeal are another powerful part of what draws players.

  1. Specialized Attention

Some Bitcoin casinos will try to reach out with personalized VIP communications. It may be an AI assistant, or even a real human being. Where this really gets valuable to players is when they have any kind of complicated question about the interface. They’re not going to want to talk to a robot!

  1. Compliance and Safety

With all of the bad news about some rogue cryptocurrency exchanges, anyone who holds these digital assets is going to be somewhat cautious about getting into a platform that’s going to be hit hard by regulators.

Casinos utilize a variety of techniques to stay compliant and within the law. Over top of that, they also offer ethical tools like provably fair gaming algorithms to show everybody that everything is above-board.

Look for these top Bitcoin casino features wherever you play. As they innovate in this exciting new digital world, the vanguard of Bitcoin gaming operators will be looking to put more into their platforms, to attract greater numbers of users and “get in on the ground floor” of what will undoubtedly power the gaming business of the future.

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