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Today on we would like to present an interview with Martin Grossberg, SEO specialist from

Hi Martin, I am very happy to be able to interview someone who deals with programming and positioning of websites on the internet on a daily basis. Could you please introduce our readers to what is?

Martin Grossberg: Hello, I am so glad to be able to answer your questions. Did you ask what do? Our software was created a few years ago, while we were still in college. It’s based on an artificial intelligence and is designed to rewrite text. A few years ago, when we wanted to prepare a unique content, we were looking for a good paraphrasing tool, and what? There were a few tools but they didn’t work well. That is why we have created our application which we make available for free on the Internet.

I will ask a fairly obvious question: Was creating the paraphrase tool a big challenge?

Martin Grossberg:  At the very beginning there was an idea, you know how it is with ideas – they look easy to do. After presenting the ideas, we started writing everything down on a piece of paper, there were various things from ideas how it should work to the appearance of the application.

Before the interview, I allowed myself to do a research on the users of your program, I asked various questions, such as: what do you think about the application? Does it work well? Is it easy to use? is it intuitive? etc. Do you also do such surveys?

Martin Grossberg: We do not do typical surveys, we do not want to disturb our users during their work. We can boast that we get a lot of e-mails or messages on Facebook with thanks and congratulations. We enjoy such a situation because we know that our work was not in vain.

I have good news for you, Martin, my survey mainly shows a good opinion about you, what’s more, let me quote one girl’s statement: “You know, there are a lot of tools on the Internet, they look nice, but the results of these applications are poor, in Paraphrase Online they work it is easy and fast, there are no pop-up ads and the program is very easy to use. ” Can you somehow relate to this statement?

Martin Grossberg: I am very pleased to hear such words, every day we are working on improving our tool and such words only motivate us to continue hard work.

Tell me, are you planning any news for your users?

Martin Grossberg: Here my answer will be a bit cryptic, namely, we are working on developing our tool, but I don’t want to reveal the details as we have to do a lot of testing before we can make improvements.

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