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1.) Vents is pleased to welcome singer-songwriter Kath Myers to our hallowed pages – Hi Kath! Before we get too far down the road, how has your 2021 been thus far?

Hi! 2021 has been interesting thus far. Lots of unexpected changes but I’m just trying to roll with it all. I’ve been trying to really go easy on myself as much as possible, we have experienced so much crazy shit this past year and a half and I don’t think we can be expected to just go “back to normal”. Whatever that even is. Patience, self care and compassion are all very important right now 🙂 

2.) Congratulations and major kudos on the release of your newest single, The Big One! For those not in the know, can you walk us through the genesis of the new tune and how it ultimately came to be?

Thank you! I wrote this one when I was in a very dark place. Even though I’m much better now, I still love the song. That’s what I love about songwriting, it can take you back to such a crazy time in just three minutes:).  It’s like a snapshot, I don’t need to dwell on it. Just listen, nod my head and be happy I’m not there anymore but that I made a fun song to document it. It was the first song that Aaron and I recorded in his former untreated garage studio. We didn’t even know what we were doing at the time but that song ended up being what inspired us to make a full record. 

3.) Who produced The Big One and what was that collaboration like?

My buddy Aaron Stern and I co-produced the record. I stopped by his house one day in January of 2020 just to hang out and catch up. I showed him a couple songs I had been working on and we started recording The Big One that day. We collaborate really well together! Sure, we butt heads sometimes but we always figure it out and do what’s best for the song. No egos. We are actually working on my second LP now, I’m very excited about it :). 

4.) Of course, you’re gearing up for the eagerly anticipated June 25 release of your debut LP Sensitive Groups…Does it all feel a bit surreal to have reached this point in your career?

I’d say so! I always wanted to make an LP but didn’t quite know how I would afford it, find the right collaborators, etc. But the stars really aligned with this record and I’m so so grateful. 

5.) For people curious about picking up Sensitive Groups, can you talk a little about what the underlying theme of the album is?

I wrote the majority of the songs before getting clean and sober in August of 2019. So, many of the songs are straight up confessions of how messy my life was. But no matter how messy things got I still used humor in the songs so there’s a lot of that woven into the darkness. However, the final song on the record is called Self Help Groups and it was written just after I got sober. The theme on that one is taking care of yourself. So, hopefully I left it on a high note :). 

6.) How long did it take you to gather up enough music to finally release an LP?

That’s a hard one. I always have pieces of songs all over the place so I never really know how many I have! 

7.) You’re a rare breed in the music world – you not only sing a mean tune, but you also are songwriter. Can you speak to us on why it’s important to you as an artist to also have a hand in writing your own lyrics?

Lyrics are so important to me. I can’t sing something that I don’t feel is totally authentic to me which is probably why I write everything myself. I would love to collaborate with other writers down the line though. Sometimes it feels too personal and I don’t even know why I do it. I’m actually a rather private person which makes absolutely no sense since my lyrics are so personal haha. I cannot explain it. Art is weird. 

8.) Which comes first for you – the music or the lyrics?

For me it’s usually a melody that I hum into my phone while driving. I tend to get melody ideas in the car. Then when I get home I play it on a guitar and see what happens next. Sometimes I go through lyrics I have already written to see if anything fits, other times something new comes. It’s all pretty random. 

9.) You have such a heartfelt and soulful sound; are there any specific musicians that have inspired your own work?

Hey, thanks! Hmmm, so many. Aimee Mann, Cat Power, Liz Phair, David Berman (RIP), Richard Swift (RIP), and many many more 🙂 

10.) You’re based out of the City of Angels, Los Angeles. How has L.A. informed your music?

Well, it’s really a nightmare to date here so that has definitely inspired some songs 😀 

11.) You’re cited as being a so-called “late bloomer.” Is that the case, or were you just biding your time as you stored up life experiences to write and sing about?

Haha, that’s a nice way to think about it. I did always secretly want to do this, I just didn’t think I was capable of it. I guess when I moved to LA it seemed like everyone was going after some seemingly impossible dream so I said fuck it. Why not try. 

12.) With COVID-19 still very much raging in different corners of the globe, are there plans afoot for an album tour for Sensitive Groups? If so, what do you envision that looking like?

No plans for that but hopefully at some point! 

13.) Looking around the corner a bit, where do you hope to see yourself a year from now? Five years from now?

A year from now I hope to have LP 2 out in the world. Five years from now I’ll be dead. Just kidding. 

14.) Final – SILLY – Question: Best movie about rock and roll – Almost Famous or This Is Spinal Tap?


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