How to Keep Yourself Entertained Under Corina Pandemic in Poland

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole world, with people becoming very sick and others losing the battle. It has seen the introduction of lockdowns, cessation of movement, and a ban in public gatherings.

This has led to a change in how business is done, with many people now forced to work from home. It may be a boring experience to stay in the house full time. Which things keep me entertained at home? We had a session with our expert Jacek Michałski (check profile), who shared with us practical solutions on how to keep yourself entertained as Polish citizen:

Online gaming

Before the Corona pandemic struck, hitting the casino was a great way of having fun. However, it is now unsafe and even hard to play in the land-based casinos as most are closed. Online gambling is now the new normal.

There are many online casinos in Poland which you can log in and play. Getting a resource such as that will educate you on online games in Poland comes in handy if you want to start right.

The online casinos accept modern ways of transacting like visa cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and direct bank transfers minimizing trips to the bank. There also exists full-time customer support, ensuring you experience smooth gaming. Not only is this an entertainment option but also an activity that can make you money during the pandemic.

Home-Based Exercises

Hitting the gym early in the morning was a norm to many. However, with the introduction of bans on outdoor physical activities like hitting the gym, this has been made impossible. Home workouts have now become the new normal replacing the gym and is one of the things to do at home.

Home workouts have proven to be more effective and entertaining than gym workouts because you focus on yourself and work out at your own pace. With a different range of home workouts available ranging from squats, burpees, press-ups, pushups, and cardio stretches, you are sure to achieve the ultimate body during this pandemic.

It is also a good option for you to train if you go to the gym and feel embarrassed about your body as you now train at your own pace. The downside to home workouts is that it requires commitment and self-motivation as you train on your own


With the global pandemic hitting us and people being encouraged to stay at home, this is the best time to dust the books on your shelves and read those that you haven’t read. Not only is reading an entertainment activity but also an activity that increases your knowledge.

There exists a lot of reading materials on the internet that you can access for free. These include online reviews, e-books, and blogs. Set some time off your busy schedule and allocate it to reading. This will keep you entertained and keep you in the know

Start A Blog

Do you have content that you can write and attract people to read? Well if yes then you should consider starting your blog. Not only is this a leisure activity but also an entertainment activity that can earn you some income.

Due to the current global pandemic, people are locked up in their houses and looking for ways of being entertained. This is an advantage for you as you can entertain yourself by entertaining others as you blog. There exist many subjects that you can blog on including day-to-day activities, your hobbies, and your thoughts.

Choosing content that people can relate to during the pandemic is key to ensuring you become a successful blogger. Do not waste your downtime. Start a blog and keep you and your readers entertained

Organize your wardrobe

Most of the space in your wardrobes is taken by clothes and shoes you do not wear. Clothes that you wore two or three years ago are still lying in your wardrobe. During this corona period where staying at home is the new normal, taking some time off to declutter your wardrobe and sorting your clothes would be a great idea.

This is an entertainment activity as sorting your old clothes brings memories of what you did when you wore those clothes. It is also a good way of helping the needy in society by donating the old clothes

Organize Your House

Keep yourself entertained in this corona period by organizing and rearranging your house in ways that please you. With so much time spent at home, it is a great time to be creative and recreate your ideal living space

The coronavirus is spread by contact with people with the disease. Be sure to stay at home when you can and keep yourself entertained using the points discussed.

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