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Having trouble finding a video card in stock?

Don’t give up if you’re having trouble finding Nvidia’s latest graphics cards or AMD’s newest CPUs. The design of the new PC hardware is out of this world. However, if you’re quick and persistent, you may still be able to get your hands on the items.

Units will, unfortunately, sell out in a matter of minutes. As a result, the product listings are often marked as sold out, which might be disheartening to any eager client.

The trick is to figure out when shops refill. A regular individual does not have the time to reload product pages repeatedly. Thankfully, services like Rapid Stock Checker a video cards stock tracker keeps an eye on product listings to see when the gear is available again.

they offer separate alerts in three ways

  • On the website using audio alerts
  • Via their Discord server
  • Via Twitter

Signing up for stock alerts is the most apparent method to find out when your favorite retailer’s stock returns – the issue is that not all merchants provide the option. Still, even among those who do, performance varies. There have been reports of individuals getting contacted about PS5 purchases after they had already purchased off immediately. Still, on the other hand, it’s a stress-free method of keeping track of a hot item.

When opposed to visiting each site separately, third-party stock trackers allow you to monitor stock from many shops at once, providing you with a greater picture of stock. Furthermore, most include notifications that will notify you as soon as fresh supply becomes available, making them great resources for obtaining hard-to-find items like the PS5 and the newest Nvidia RTX 30 Series Cards.

Rapid Stock Checker is one of the finest stock trackers we’ve seen. The site includes a variety of major online stores such as Amazon and Best Buy of which do not provide local stock notifications. Rather than monitoring stock on a single page, the platform enables you to monitor stock by product.

If you wanted to keep track of PS5 stock, for example, you could go to the site’s PS5 page and register to be notified if stock levels change. Rapid Stock Checker can set up a chime to play a new store anytime if you’re on your desktop, in addition to viewing stock in real-time. If you join their Discord server or follow them on Twitter you will receive a stock notification there too.

Of course, that’s only one of a slew of such third-party services accessible online; you’ll have to do some digging to figure out which ones cover the sites you want to monitor.

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