Yippee-Ki-Yay: Kevin Hart Comedy Series “Die Hart” Lands Second Season Renewal from Roku

I keep a mental tally of the folks in the Hollywood game that I feel would be fun to go out and have a few cool brews with as we sit around and just shoot the breeze. Being Hollywood – a mercurial industry if ever there were one – that mental list is not too large: Kevin Smith, P.T. Anderson, Chris Rock, Steve Carell, Jack Black, Emilio Estevez and Jenna Fischer are the few entertainment insiders that strike me as relatively normal and laid back enough to appreciate my stunning sense of humor and deep insights into film and television (modesty, kiddies – don’t leave home without it). As for the rest? While I have a laundry list of artists in music, film, comics and television that I truly respect and admire, my never too keen Spidey Sense worries that I would discover that some of my favorite creative people are in all actuality kind of big jerks. They always say that you should never meet your heroes and, having put that little bromide to the test numerous times over the last decade or so, I reluctantly have to agree with the wizened prognosticator that first declared that insight. There is a point to this bit of rambling Dear and Constant Readers, never fear: Upon the above “let’s grab a beer” list that I left out is one dude that strikes me as infinitely likeable and lager-worthy – comedian and actor Kevin Hart who on this very day (see, told you that I would begin to connect the dots) must be lifting his own stein of cool suds in celebration of Streaming Overlord Roku renewing his series Die Hart for a sophomore season.

 The season two Die Hart renewal was announced by our fellow John McTiernan aficionados over at The Hollywood Reporter and, in keeping with the spirit of homage for the nigh classic 1988 action flick Die Hard, the new season will be entitled Die Harter.

 “Die Hart exploded out of the gate and after a record-setting debut weekend, has quickly become one of the most watched Roku Originals on The Roku Channel,” said Roku Big Wheel Colin Davis in a press release. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring an equally hilarious, action-packed second season to the record number of viewers who have watched in recent days.”

So a big congrats to Mr. Kevin Hart, one of the genuinely nicer guys in Hollywood (you missed out, Oscars!). I’ve got a few choice glass bottles of Barbey’s Sunshine Beer chilling in the ice box for a toast whenever you can get out here, Kev!

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