Meet multi talented artist Sukesha Ray who has aced in dual careers as a digital artist and singer.

Being the creative mind she is, Sukesha has created eye-catching artworks as well as music which shows what a powerhouse of talent she is.

We have seen a very few individuals who have displayed their creative side in more than one craft. Some have the knack of handling more than one thing at a time and succeeding in whatever they lay their hands on. We have one such talented youngster who knows how to paint it right as well as sing like a pro artist. She is Sukesha Elizabeth Ray, popularly known as Sukesha Ray. This 28-year-old from a Caucasian descent is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is well versed in singing, dancing, songwriting and painting art forms digitally as well as using traditional media.

What made her choose music as a career, we ask her, to which she answers, “since a young age, music was something which drew me towards it. I started singing as soon as I learnt to speak, that’s what my folks back home say.” At 6, she was writing her own songs and performing in school musicals. At elementary school she learnt how to play the piano and that furthered her interest in the music field which she decided to pursue going ahead. Her family moved to Florida later where she met many musicians who fuelled her passion to go ahead and make a career as a singer professionally. She says many known names have inspired her to follow the path as a music artist. “Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Sia, Zedd, and Avicci are some of my favourites,” informs Sukesha. She is inclined more towards pop music and wants to excel in her career in that genre.

Speaking about her artistic side, she is an excellent artist specializing in digital art. She initially started painting as a hobby but gradually developed a deep interest in it which further developed into a profession. Her art has found appreciation from various quarters, such that she was selected by ‘RageOn’ to contribute her digital prints for their merchandise. Her Twitch channel has all that you want to know about Sulekha. From her music to her art, one can have a glimpse of everything that she is connected with on her Twitch channel which has more than 20k followers giving enough proof of her popularity.

You can also follow her on Instagram: @sukesharay.

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