In tete-a-tete with the 28-year-old American music artist Phil Miller.

He has been around the music realm for twenty long years and his passion for rhythms and tunes has taken him places.

There are a few voice masters who have aced the vocal ranges and won a million hearts with their music. A few talents have been making some fantastic music of late and have broken all barriers to emerge on the top. Phil Miller from Elon, North Carolina, is one of them. He has captivated all with his music performing skills and is projected to be the next big thing in the business of music. We ask him about his journey as a musician till date and what are his future plans going ahead in life. Here are the excerpts.

How has been your journey since the beginning, and what are your experiences so far?

I was fascinated with music since an early age of 9, when I started humming the strings of a guitar. I credit my grandfather to push me and my brother towards music. He was the one who got me my first musical instrument, a banjo and a harmonica which imbibed the love of music more in me. My interest in music grew with time and I started writing my own lyrics and performing on my own music by the time I was 16. I released my first 3 song EP, ‘Jamaican Sun’, in 2018, and have released 3 other singles since then, ‘One Horse Town’ being the most popular ones of recent times which has been well appreciated. I have plans to release at least 6 songs this year.

What is unique about your music and tell us a bit about your inspirations and also the challenges you have faced in your life till date?

My music is created with the thought of creating a deep connect with the audiences. i want them to experience the same feelings I have through my songs. Each song is different and unique in its own way which energizes the listeners minds and that’s what makes my tunes stand out from others. Talking about my inspirations I would say, Randy Travis, George Strait, Jimmy Buffet, and Willie Nelson have been the ones whom I have always idolized.

Getting a DWI at the age of eighteen, three days before senior baseball tryouts in high school has been the biggest challenge of my life which changed it for good.

Which are your upcoming projects that are slated for release in the coming months?

My most recent song ‘Beautiful’ released on the 28th of May 2021. It’s a song that has a message in its rendering saying that if you want to be beautiful, then you have to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else. The beauty in a person lies when they are genuine and authentic is what the lyrics of the song says.

Follow Phil Miller on Instagram: @philmillmusic and listen to his latest song ‘Beautiful’ on Spotify:

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