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How long can the wig be stored?

For women who love to look glamorous and want to keep their natural hair, there is no better way than with a wig.

There are many assumptions about the shelf life of wigs. The best thing about wigs is that the better you take care of them, the longer they will last. Today we are going to talk about how long you can make your wig last and show you some simple things that you can do to make it last longer.

How Long Can You Keep A Wig On?

The detailed answer to this question is how you actually apply the type of wig, the hairdresser’s skills, how fast your hair grows, how you use it naturally, hair care recommendations, and a few more are guided by factors.

But a quick answer: It depends on the chemical composition of the adhesive used. Some adhesives are short-lived, while others can hold sticky wigs in place for several weeks (4-6 months). Choose the right glue or it will damage your edges.

Rule of thumb: Hd lace wigs can be left on for up to six weeks with long-lasting glue. The time spent on a lace front wig raises questions about the methods and products of actually using the wig, as well as the physical chemistry.

Glue Removal: There are many wig remover sprays available in the market. For example, the C22 glue remover can dissolve the glue, remove it and replace wigs. Rubbing alcohol containing 90% or more alcohol is also a good choice.

The lifespan of a wig completely depends on how you take care of your wig or hair system. A good quality wig will last up to 4 months with daily wear. The makeup of the wig or hair system also greatly affects the age of the wig.

Wig lengthening tips

1. Wear the wig less often.

If you wear one wig every day, you can buy two wigs and go for a walk. The less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. Plus, the spinning will allow you to take care of your wig during downtime.

2. Take care of your wig.

If you comb your wig after use, clean it with appropriate shampoo and conditioner, and follow all supplier and designer sharing guidelines, your wig will last a long time.

3. Style your wig.

When using hot styling products like hair straighteners, we recommend using the lowest setting, using very high heat, and not using styling products near the hairline.

It is always better to style your wig with a damp roller than to use hot styling products. This is a great way to extend the life of a wig but isn’t always practical.

4. Store the wig

When not wearing a wig, it should always be kept away from excessive heat, moisture and direct sunlight. If you need to travel with your wig, use a wig holder and wig box to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or formed during your travels.

Here’s what you should do every time you put on a wig.

  • wash and detangle wigs human hair
  •  Wash with lukewarm water. (The water should be at room temperature or slightly warmer).
  • Comb the shampoo from top to bottom, one part at a time, gently pulling down. Don’t curl your hair.
  • Gently dab soapy water inside the hat. Do not rub the lid.

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