Easy Ways to Care for Your Eyebrows [Top 7]

Wondering how to maintain your eyebrows at home? It’s not impossible, just follow our 7 tips to get perfect eyebrows naturally without leaving the house.

Having good eyebrows is absolutely essential.

They don’t just accentuate the eyes and compliment the cheekbones and jawline, though. Most of the time, your eyebrows reflect your thoughts, emotions, and even your sexuality.

Your eyebrows define every facial expression you make, at least in part, so any extra eyebrow care will go a long way.

There’s no need for expensive regular appointments with a cosmetician either.

Just follow these easy eyebrow maintenance steps, and you’ll be on your way to having great brows!

1. Don’t Over-Pluck Your Eyebrows

The best way to get the best eyebrows is to let them grow. Nine times out of ten, your eyebrows will look best when left almost entirely alone.

Plucking hairs too much can leave them looking patchy and frail.

If you absolutely have to do some plucking, then make sure you only pluck hairs that seem out of place. This way, you’ll leave the bulk of your brows intact and undisturbed, like the old growth of a forest.

Special tip: the best time to tweeze is right after a hot shower. Your pores will be open and relaxed, and it won’t hurt as much to get those hair follicles out!

2. Highlight them

Highlighting your eyebrows is a brilliant way to bring them out without doing anything directly to them.

Applying a streak of highlighter directly under the brow bone will give some definition to your brow line and bring out your eyes.

Adding a bit of highlighter near the eyebrow tail will add a glow to your entire face.

Be careful not to go overboard here.

When it comes to highlighting your brows, less is always more. In fact, use this technique with concealer instead of highlighter for a more natural-looking effect.

Your brows don’t always need a regal glow! 

3. Try Threading

Eyebrow threading is a popular method of maintenance for many caterpillar enthusiasts.

It’s a method of eyebrow hair removal originating in India and Central Asia and has since taken popular culture by storm!

If you’re not the best at plucking your stray hairs and don’t have the patience to wait while someone else does, this might be an excellent option for you.

Threading gives the brows a precise finish in much less time.

Since threading pulls the hairs out from the roots, it doesn’t require regular maintenance either. You only need to thread about every four to five weeks, or however long it takes for your brows to grow back.

The process is quick and doesn’t even hurt that much!

4. Brush Your Brows

One of the most underrated tricks to having great brows is a simple eyebrow brush!

Neglecting to brush your eyebrows might leave some hairs overlapping, creating gaps or patches.

Simply brush hairs up and away from the center of your brow line. This opens the eyes up, covers those unwanted gaps, and might just save you time filling them in.

Brushing your eyebrows will give them a more finished look and might even reveal to you some places that might need a trim.

And, of course, like anything else, a little bit of TLC will go a long way. Take care of your brows, and they’ll take care of you!

5. Fill Them In

If you’re having trouble with patchy eyebrows, or you simply wish they looked fuller, fill them in.

This doesn’t have to be a professional’s job, either. You can use a stencil to fill them in. Then all you have to do is color in between the lines!

If you’re not using a stencil, filling in your brows can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. We recommend just a couple of quick tips.

Create a believable arch. We’ve all had bad days, but avoid the silly look, and try your best to follow the natural curve of your brow line while filling them in.

Take this a step further, and buff out any harsh lines for a natural finish.

6. Leave Shaping to the Professionals

We know at-home eyebrow care experimentation can be fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

But if you’re not thrilled with how your home test runs go, save yourself the struggle and leave shaping to eyebrow-shaping professionals.

Cosmeticians will have way more experience. They’ll be able to see things about your face that you don’t and use those things to bring out the beauty you might’ve missed!

The best part about going to a professional is the conversation. Make sure you ask your brow pro plenty of questions as they go, and learn as much about what they’re doing as you can.

7. Use Moisturizer

When it comes to having great eyebrows, most problems arise from having too much or too little hair. If you’re more familiar with the latter, we suggest using moisturizer on them.

Moisturizer promotes healthy hair growth. It also prevents existing hairs from becoming fragile and breaking or falling out.

This will either keep your brows looking full or get them on the road to a fuller future!


Maintaining your eyebrows does require some regular care, but it doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.

There’s not always a need for professional shaping, highlighting, or filling in.

You can do these things at home with time and practice, but don’t stress yourself out over it either!

Sometimes the best eyebrow maintenance is simply leaving them alone and giving them a brush.

Just let your natural beauty speak for itself, and use these tips to accentuate it!

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