Cooperative leader Harish Gowda turns saviour to those in distress amid COVID-19 crisis

When many individuals, organisation are on war foot and attending the SOS calls and messages flooding on social media, Mysuru based young cooperative leader GD Harish Gowda has emerged as a saviour for many, especially those in the cooperative field and are from the economically weaker section.

From providing masks, sanitisers, immunity boosters to helping out who were struggling to have two square meals a day, and reaching out to children and women amidst the raging pandemic, Harish Gowda, chairman of MCDCC bank and vice-president of Karnataka State Cooperative Apex Bank LTD is serving people in the darkest times of the pandemic.

Harish Gowda and his team are serving the people through the GTD foundation, during the COVID-19. He is trying to bring happiness and satisfaction to people with poor financial condition and lack of resources.

Harish Gowda, the young cooperative in the state has swiftly responded to hundreds of SOS messages from across the state on social media and has helped people in making arrangements for beds, oxygen, ambulance, medicine and what not winning praises from all corners.

Harish Gowda, who returned after completing his master’s from London and plunged into the cooperative field to emerge as a youth leader.

He along with his team and members of the GTD foundation are at the forefront of helping people receive and exercise the rights that they are entitled to yet are not aware of it and are taken for granted.

“We are just trying our bit amidst the darkest times and is just an attempt to solve many human rights amicably. We are reaching out to those in the cooperative field and trying the best we can do and has contributed towards the Covid fight and battle it out,” he said.

He along with his team from GTD foundation has supplied masks, sanitisers and immunity boosters to all the people in Mysuru besides creating awareness among people on the concepts of health and hygiene.

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