A tale of two organizations with a mission to provide affordable housing facility to masses

If you have an aim in your life, it means you will live in this world with a clear mission to serve masses in your capacity. It does not matter how much your aim creates impact and delivers the result, it is about your intention, impressive idea and beautiful thoughts that is highly appreciated in society and remembered for a long period.

In every corner of the world, you will find some people making great efforts to achieve their aims in their respective fields. Some members of society will be found in promoting good quality education in far-flung areas of your country and some people and organizations will be helping farmers to grow their income and improve their living standards.

It is very rare to find people in our society who dedicate their lives to provide economical housing infrastructure and vow to deliver single-parent households. Indeed, it is hard to find, but Mr. Richard J. Randolph III who is the founder of Randolph Foundation is on this great mission to support the people in providing economical housing facilities to the people of Georgia, USA.

Randolph Foundation was founded in 2008, Mr. Richard J. Randolph III is a visionary man. He is the brainchild of a firm and as a CEO of EF Block, he has given a sharp rise to the firm. Mr. Randolph is very active in social works and he is himself a philanthropist who has strong relationships with Metro Atlanta Community, The Atlanta Dream, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The sustainable business model and philanthropy go together with Mr. Richard. The social services to the community were given a proper and official shape with the name of Randolph Foundation. Later on, philanthropy became the core business for this gentleman. Mr. Randolph truly loves helping people and giving back to society whatever he has achieved throughout his life so far.

After the collaboration with the Atlanta Dream, Children’s Healthcare and Metro Atlanta, the teamwork to promote affordable housing across Georgia. The mission is not supposed to be bound in only a state, the foundation charter clear suggests carrying out the same mission of providing affordable housing facilities outside of Georgia as well.

It’s painful to see that poor and the lower-middle class families have to go through long and laborious housing loan schemes with strict conditions to pay back the loan after some time.

On the other hand, the Randolph organization organize training and seminars about the importance of providing affordable houses for the lower and upper-middle-class families.

Building environment-friendly houses have become the need of time under the shadow of climate change, and it has become imperative for all of us to not put our natural environment in danger.

 EF block is one of the leading companies whose mission to protect the environment and provide sustainable and affordable housing infrastructure. The firm has accomplished hundreds of commercial and residential projects all over Georgia. EF Block offers economical building solutions that are environmentally friendly for all types of residential and commercial needs.

The top management of the firm believes in construction without any hazards to the environment and nature. In this regard, the firm delivers a comprehensive and modern EPS recycling service. The blocks of EF are made from 87% of EPS or Styrofoam. The foam packaging material is recycled and utilized in building blocks. This is how the company reduces the cost of the construction and filth to the landfill sites. There are other methods are also utilized to ensure zero threat to the natural environment of the site.  The main goal of the company has been appreciated by all sectors of the state and that has to be the number one EPS recycling company.

How many NGO’s and companies in the US have we noticed on the path to support poor and the middle-class gentry? We can count the total numbers on our fingers easily. The majority of the world’s population barely affords a house and apartments. The main chunk of their savings goes to the pockets of builders and real estate agents. The housing prices are surging day by day. Millions of people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The situation has become more tensed due to the virus. In times of hardship, Mr. Richard deserves a big round of applause. The Randolph Foundation’s major goal is to help individuals who cannot afford a living place; they want everyone to have a home regardless of their financial situation.

Randolph Foundation and EF Block are on track to meet their objectives at a rapid pace, and this trend is expected to continue. Their incredible devotion and hard work paid off, and they were able to attain their goals. They began tiny, but have continued to expand at a rapid rate. They are constantly working to identify new opportunities and cooperate with organizations that have the same vision and share the same pain for Georgia’s society.

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