10 Secret Techniques to Improve the CG Method

If you’re a fervent follower of the CG Method, you’ll agree that it’s a lifestyle and more than just a routine! That being said, even veterans of the celebrated method keep trying to find new ways, tips and tricks to ease the journey. A simple tweak to your wash day or styling technique can go a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of this trusted process. The #CurlCommunity is a place of love, sharing and of course, bountiful curls! We’re spilling the tea on some of the secrets, tips and tricks we’ve learned by collaborating with and being a part of this wonderful community. Read on and don’t keep it to yourself, share these with another Curly to add to our #CurlPride!

  1. Patience Pays:

While it’s easy to be enamoured by the pictures of Curlies flaunting curls in all their bouncy beauty, don’t forget that good things take time. The Curly Girl Method can take anywhere between weeks to months to show satisfactory results and varies according to hair type and environmental factors. Stay consistent, keep at it and watch your curls bloom soon!

  1. Start Small:

While the Curli-verse has a plethora of information on techniques and products, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose from. Start simple and small and invest in a CG-friendly Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in first and then work your way upwards in the product aisle. It can also be an expensive task to stock up on all the products you want to try. Once you understand what products suit your hair type best, add gels, mousse and so on to extend your product repertoire and usage.

  1. Inquire about Ingredients:

Every Curly on the journey understands that certain ingredients such as sulphates and silicones are baddies and must be avoided at all costs. But these ingredients can sneak up on you with complex and complicated commercial names on your product bottle. Baffled about the ingredients? Simply google each individually and rule out the presence of any unwanted nasties.

  1. Toss the Towel:

Towels were created to dry ourselves but have no place in the CG-method, especially Terry and coarse cotton ones. Switch to either microfibre towels or simply use an old soft cotton tee to plop your hair. Avoid rubbing your hair dry as this creates friction and pesky frizz.

  1. The Wetter the Better:

When it comes to curly and wavy hair, products work best on wet hair. Curls are more receptive to moisture while wet and help hold the product in as they dry later. Be it conditioner, leave-in or gel, use on dripping wet hair for best results. Air-dry or diffuse after for flaunt-worthy curls and waves!

  1. Skip the Heat:

We all know that heat is a nemesis on the CG method, but it can be tempting at times to reach out to that shiny curler or straightener from your non-CG past. Rather than succumbing to the temporary results of a heating appliance, use trusted CG methods such as finger coiling and scrunching to achieve a gorgeous curl pattern, au naturel!

  1. Dive into DIYs:

While CG products are an investment that definitely pays off, it is also acceptable and fun to play around with DIYs in the comfort of your home. Some common and easy prep ones include Flaxseed Gel, ACV rinses and homemade Deep Conditioner. Get creative, read up on home DIYs and pamper yourself!

  1. Work on your Vocab:

SOTC, No-Poo, LOC and Smooching – these are just a few terms among the glossary of words in the CG world. Rather than being baffled, keep up with blogs and CG Guides on these terms to not only learn the techniques behind them but also slip ‘em into your Curl Talks with suave!

  1. Sustain your Style:

Have you ever spent hours styling your hair only to wake up the next morning with nasty bed-head and curls undone? While styling is important, focus on techniques to sustain it and keep it popping for as long as possible. A simple silk bonnet goes a long way in preserving curls at night or while travelling; read up and apply these nifty tips to carry your curls through it all!

  1. Knowledge is Power:

Though there is a world of information on the CG-method, nothing beats the OG. Get your hands on Curly Girl: The Handbook, authored by Lorraine Massey, that is an encyclopaedia for all things Curls and how to make them look and feel their best. Delve into the book that added to the Curl Revolution and share the pride of being a Curly yourself!

That’s quite a list of secrets we’ve kept and now shared with you, Curlies! But remember, it’s YOUR journey to experiment, have fun and go with what works best for your hair type. The CG journey can be extremely rewarding and we wish you a head full of happy, healthy curls!

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