John Jay is More Than A Musician

In the musical city of Miami, an upcoming music producer, owner, and singer is taking the industry by storm. His releases and moves in the industry are causing a big buzz all across Miami. Currently a holder of nine bagging hits and an album, John Jay is a force to reckon with in the saturated music industry. His recent releases include ‘Eastside’ featuring the most promising artist in America, Kyan Palmer. The musician has been in the mainstream for a long time now, and the responses and audience to the release are impressive. 

Featuring creative beats and flowing lyrical content, his latest music is one of the releases to listen to currently. However, listening to one of John Jay‘s music is impossible because of the widespread creativity and passion all across his musical content. John puts effort into all his projects, irrespective of the features. ‘Eastside’ is an improvement to his previous music release and has a mix of both Pop and R&B. The merging of the two genres gives the music a unique creative beat that still manages to relate to the audience. Produced under ‘Independent Hits,’ the song ‘Eastside’ has done far better than John Jay’s releases by the number of audiences reached. The main contributor to this positive number is his 6 million Spotify followers and more than 10 million listeners monthly. His massive presence on YouTube is also a positive influence on his growing career. The application has had a tremendous flow of viewers, especially during the pandemic and this has increased online streaming. John Jay is one of the primary beneficiaries of this increased online listening. 

Independent hits have had a tremendous impact on the artist, especially the upcoming young artist in Miami. As a record label that promotes underrated young musicians, it has opened doors for the rejected talented artists in the past who have taken this as a second chance and owned their work through their effort. John Jay motivates the young artist by finding an audience for them, something they did not have, after which their talent speaks for themselves. Musicians have grown in their quality and lyrical content. For an artist that has motivated the youngest artist in Miami, John Jay has been rewarded by a fan base and growth in the music industry. The secret, he admits, is patience, resilience, and hard work when things get tough. 

Like most artists in his new record label, he thought the industry was smooth, and all it took to be great was talent and hard work. He soon realized this wasn’t the case, and the rejections and turn down got the best of him in his career. It was at this point that he decided to pioneer his record label. This record label has produced all his musical projects. With this team, he has managed to do outstanding projects with prominent names in the industry. He has also met some of the best names in the music industry globally. 

The journey and life story of John Jay is indeed an inspiration to any artist out there going through tough times and in need of motivation. Never giving up in every bad situation and learning from mistakes is the main character of a successful artist.

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