India Shorts to launch news portals in US, UK, Canada by year end, confirms CTO Vipul Sipani

Vipul Sipani, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of India Shorts – an online news portal in India, confirms, he is planning to launch multiple news portals overseas. His target countries are USA, UK and Canada among many others.

Sipani feels it’s necessary to keep oneself updated about the world, but the busy lifestyles hardly leave any time to read long news articles. Therefore, “We have tried to focus on popularizing shorter news formats to save time,” says Sipani, who is also an IT professional with over 10 years of active working experience.

He further elaborates, “We invested 6 months on a research that helped us understand the attention span of people across the globe. Result varies from country to country and its decreasing year by year. Considering our research, news in shorter formats without compromising with the facts can be most effective for people with lesser attention span and save a lot of time.”

Talking about projection and plans of expansion, Sipani confirms, “We have plans of launching several similar portals in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada before the year end, serving news content for respective countries.”

Apart from being an IT professional, Vipul is also a trained web technologist and a certified ethical Hacker v8 and Security Analyst. He has been a consultant in Cyber Crime Investigation Club (CCI Club), Jaipur as well as Rajasthan State Police and helped with the detection and prevention of cyber crimes.

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