How to make greeting cards

 1 You can use pressed flowers, seashells or other decorations. You will focus the decorations on the outside of the card. Choose a theme depending on the season, the occasion or who you want the card to be.

Pressed flowers lightly glued to a card are beautiful 3D spring decorations, which liven up a card with natural colors. 

You could also add seashells to the cards you send in the summer for a unique effect. It goes very well with the labels that are attached to gifts or for placement cards on the tables.

2 To make a simple decoration, paste a few pictures. Old school books, children’s books, magazines and newspapers are a great source of material for card making. If you don’t have a lot of them, you can go to a bookstore to get some cheap picture books and magazines that you can hijack to make your cards.

Nature and animal magazines are great for card making, as are magazines with lots of advertisements. The high contrast colors of the advertisements look great when cut out for cards.

3 To make it really simpler, you might even consider repurposing your old greeting cards by cutting them out to create new cards. Give new life to your old Christmas cards by cutting out the tree or crib on them and sticking them on your own card. 

If you can, draw yourself in or on your map. You don’t have to be a great artist to make great designs on your cards. Depending on whom it is addressed to, a funny character drawn in a few strokes or a diagram of how you feel will be very funny attention for greetings or any other occasion. If you can draw, even better. Decorate the card with your own designs for a personalized gift that your friends and family will treasure.

4 Look for elegance and simplicity. In general, it is better to add a few embellishments with taste than to create a card overloaded or cluttered with decorations. A simple white card with a pressed flower on it will be the perfect elegant and thoughtful gift to welcome your message.

Avoid cluttering up your collage. Combining two images from a magazine or book can be poignant, cute or hilarious. Don’t clutter your card with fifty photos of your friend’s favorite baseball player for their birthday. Instead, choose a good one and add a funny caption for a sure effect. Do more with little 

Don’t be afraid to create an original card. If you want to buy card so here you can get your desire one fake identity .Making an original creation doesn’t mean you should send your mother-in-law a daring card for the holidays, or you shouldn’t try to create a fun condolence card. You should send something that the recipient will appreciate. Adapt to his humor and make him chuckle.

Craft a base map

Obtain good quality card stock. Usually, this is a good quality heavyweight paper that you can find at art supply stores, in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Depending on the type of card you want to make, you could buy several sheets of different colors and glue them on top of each other for a great effect.

To create a card that looks like the ones you find on the market, you can get two sheets with complementary colors for each card. After cutting out shapes of different sizes from the card stock (one smaller than the other), glue the smaller one in the center of the larger one for a unique style. By folding them, you get a nice space to write your message. You can even use a printer foil inside if you don’t want your card to be too thick.

Gather the rest of your materials. Depending on the type of card you are going to make, here are a few things that you will definitely need:

Liquid glue or a glue stick

Fine point pens

A pair of scissors

Photographs or magazine clippings

A ruler

Cut out the basic shape of the card. Once you’ve chosen the leaf color for the outside of the card, cut it to size. The size of a standard greeting card is rectangular and measures approximately 13 x 18 cm when folded in half. Use your ruler to measure a rectangle of about 26 x 36 cm and cut it cleanly with your scissors. The goal is to get a line as straight as possible, do not hesitate to use a cutter if you have one.

Also cut out a piece or two of paper in a different color. Cut them out so that they are a few inches smaller than the card and center them on the outer side. Glue them with your glue stick and let dry well before folding the card in half.

You can also do the same on the other side, to give a unique style and texture to the card inside and out. Experiment with different shapes and locations depending on your taste, mood and season.

You could cut diamonds or other shapes from the sheet inside for an even more stylish card. A snowflake will be perfect for an end of year greeting card or a heart for a Valentine’s Day card.

Carefully fold the card in half. Create a neat, even fold, and then press the card under a heavy book to make sure it stays as flat as possible. When it’s done, you can decorate your card and write your message!

To write a message on card

Write a short, simple and sincere message on your card. No need to make a coded or complicated message for it to be effective. Inside the card, write a message of a few sentences, sign and send it. If you’ve gone to the trouble of crafting a personalized card, you don’t need to add an endless message. 

For a birthday card, it is appropriate to use humor in the message. “Happy Birthday Old Man” may be funny for your father or your brother, but less so for your boss. Here are some examples of simple and effective messages.

Still many more to come. Stay young, friend.

I wish you the best of birthdays! May he be followed by many others?

You are a great person and unique in the world. Happy Birthday!

I’m so glad to know you. Happy Birthday!

For romantic cards, is a blue flower by keeping it short and without exaggerating? Here are some simple, yet romantic messages.

You mean so much to me. I love you.

I am so happy with this day spent together. I love you.

I’m crazy about you. And for a long time to come!

I’m glad you love me more than your dog likes me Love.

Keeping it simple and being sincere is especially important with a condolence card.

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