Fuze Bug Zapper Review – Scam Mosquito Trap Or Legit Killer? 

Read my detailed Fuze Bug Zapper Review – Find out if the mosquito trap really works or just another scam..

The summer can be a fun and exciting time. Most people like to enjoy the summer season by going camping or hiking or generally spending more time in the wilderness. It’s the perfect moment to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty that nature has to offer. But alongside these fun moments can come the onslaught of bugs, mosquitoes and similar critters that can put a damper on one’s enjoyment, whether they are indoors or outdoors. These creatures can do much to cause disruption to one’s plans. Due to this, many people are now switching over from the use of chemical and potentially dangerous sprays to a more electrical-focused device called the Fuze Bug Zapper. This review will take a closer inspection into just what this device does to see if it is worth buying this summer.

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About the Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper

Fuze Bug is an electronic device that is able to provide users with hours of protection from harmful bugs and mosquitoes. The device is made to be small and portable, allowing users to easily carry it and take it from one room to another. It can even be packed up and taken alongside the user on a camping trip or similar outdoorsy vacation spot. The device is charged and lasts for almost 20 hours on a full battery. Furthermore, it uses LED technology to provide users with a nightlight if needed. The added lights are UV-free, which means there is no danger of issues that might occur due to long-term exposure.

Furthermore, the device is able to not only allure and attract bugs but also eliminates them by zapping them with a high voltage shock. These factors do much to make the Fuze Bug a must-have for many people during this summer. It is able to keep one’s environment free of bugs and other dangerous critters. No matter the time of day or the kind of weather outside, the device provides users with seamless protection that extends to hours and hours. Furthermore, it can be kept anywhere and the results will be all the same. Users do not need to worry about facing any kind of large side-effects or similar issues that would otherwise be present with oils and sprays.

In addition to this, because it is charged using a USB cable, anyone can easily charge this and begin its usage. It is an ideal option for people that like to go on vacations, as they can fully charge this and have this protect them from insects, bugs and mosquitoes for nearly 20 hours tirelessly. Users can enjoy a full night’s worth of sleep while camping, not worried about the bites and itchiness they would have to deal with in the morning. This is especially true for areas that might have mosquitoes which carry ailments like malaria and dengue.

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Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper Main Features and Functions:

What sets the Fuze Bug apart from so many other options in the market is the fact that it is able to function without needing any type of extra configuration or assistance from the user. The device is made to be usable straight out of the box and does so without needing any form of adjustments. Users are able to utilize the full set of features that it has available, from the get-go. This has made is a noteworthy and considerable option for most people who are not tech-savvy. For such people learning to tune every new device can be an arduous process. Luckily for the Fuze Bug, the following features are provided to users as soon as they start the device:

  • Protection from bugs and insects. This is the major feature of this device. Users are able to keep their surroundings clear of insects, bugs and mosquitoes. These insects often are filled to the brim with harmful bacteria which can cause health issues if one is exposed to their bites. Furthermore, these bacteria can lead to other ailments like malaria and dengue. Through this device, one can ensure that users are able to stay clear of any such ailments and keep their health safe for the long-term.
  • Provides a nightlight. With the LED light which is used to attract insects, users can utilize it for a makeshift night light. This is using LED technology and does not have UV rays, which makes it safe to use. Users are also provided the option to change and adjust the brightness of the device until it meets their needs. Thus, there is no reason to worry about the brightness being too excessive or limited.
  • Stores the remains in a different compartment. Unlike other devices that might litter the floor with remains of insects and bugs come morning, this is one device that takes that into consideration. Users are able to clean the remains of the eliminated bugs in the morning with ease. They are stored in a different compartment. One just needs to make sure that they open it in the morning and clear it. This makes the entire process quite simple and easy, and ensures that one’s surroundings and environment remains free from any residue or remains.
  • The range of the device is quite widespread, covering almost 375 square feet. Users will be able to notice significant improvements in their surroundings as soon as they turn the device on. Furthermore, they should place this in a place that is likely to attract bugs, if they wish to see the best results. This can be at any kind of window pane, or in the case of an outdoor vacation, this will be near the entrance to the tent. Furthermore, users will be provided with consistent protection that lasts for almost 20 hours, so there is no reason to worry about any kind of issues with the charging running out.

Fuze Bug Zapper – How to Use It

As stated above, this device is quite simple to use and does not require users to be heavily tech-savvy to see results. Furthermore, it can easily be started once the device is fully charged. Equipped with an LED light, it works as both a way to attract and allure insects, as well as providing a nightlight to people in the surrounding area. The outer body of the device has been made using a strong plastic material, which is durable for excessive weather conditions. The device should thus provide consistent results no matter the time of day or weather outside. This is one of the major reasons behind its current popularity. To begin usage of the Fuze Bug users just need to:

  • Plug the device into a port or electrical socket to ensure that it is charged. If the device is in need of charging, the light at the top of the device will begin to glow red. This will indicate that it needs to be charged before users can begin usage. Once the charger has been connected and the charging starts, this light will turn green. Furthermore, users are able to notice that the charging is done once the light begins to glow purple. At this point, one can disconnect the charger and begin using the device as it is fully charged.
  • Ideally, to use this device to its full maximum potential, users should keep it at a place that is near the location where the bugs are entering from. At home, this will be near a window where the bugs might be attracted to. However, in an outdoor vacation spot or tent, this might be near the entrance of the tent or any other opening. Users will likely need to find a balance between the range of the device, their own distance from it and the opening where the bugs are entering from.
  • The device is fully functional in a number of different scenarios. Even if it is raining outside or if the temperature is high, the Fuze Bug provides consistent results and protection.

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Fuze Bug – Pricing, Packages and Where to Get It

The Fuze Bug is currently only available on the official website (getfuzebug.com) of the developers. Users who wish to get it will thus need to have an online connection that can get them to the website. Furthermore, they will need a way to place an order online, as the product is not available in any kind of retail store. This ensures that users are able to receive the genuine Fuze Bug at all times and do not have to try out different stores until they get lucky. The price is also determined by the manufacturers and no other retailers have a say in it. The pricing as mentioned on their website is as follows:

  • Alpha pack (One Fuze Bug lamp) for $38.99 only
  • Beta pack (Two Fuze Bug lamps) for $37.99 each
  • Gamma pack (Three Fuze Bug lamps) for $35.99 each
  • Delta pack (Four Fuze Bug lamps) for $33.99 each

Users will have noted that they are able to receive a discount on their purchase if they get this product in bulk. The pricing is determined based on how many they are buying at a single time. For first time users, it might be worth considering the single-unit pack, however for more determined and long-term minded people, one of the heftier packs might be ideal, as they can get a discount on each unit this way. Either choice is fine, as long as one is considering their own price range, requirements and needs.

Fuze Bug – Main Benefits of Choosing This Bug Repellent Device

Easy to carry. Users can take this alongside them on any excursion, journey or camping trip. In fact, one of the main features of the device is its ability to provide protection to people who like to go out during the summer. This is what sets it apart from many other products in the market that provide similar features.

The outer body of the device has been made using durable and strong plastic. Users should be able to notice that it works perfectly and provides consistent betterment and protection. This will be able to last for a long duration, as it has been made with such materials. There is no reason to worry about it breaking down any time soon.

The Fuze Bug works on a multitude of bugs, mosquitoes, insects and similar critters. It is a tried and tested device that is able to ensure that one is being protected at all times. No matter the location, users should be able to notice a significant difference.

The device has a worthwhile design that is able to keep away the remains of the insects stored in a completely different compartment. This makes cleaning it in the morning that much easier, and is a big boost and benefit to the quality of the device overall.

The device has a simple charger that can easily connect into any socket. Furthermore, once fully charged, the device can provide benefit and protection to the user for almost 20 hours. This should be enough for even an extended camping trip and at home it is perfect and able to last through the entire night. Users just need to remember to charge it every morning once they are not using it. This will ensure that they are ready to brave another night without worry of being stung, bit or scratched.

Fuze Bug Zapper Review – Conclusion:

In general, this is one device that should be on the top of anyone’s buying list this summer. If anyone wishes to remain safe and secure the entire summer, and not have to worry about any kind of insects, this is a go-to. For this reason, it is becoming a major hit among many people. To learn more about this device, visit Fuze Bug official website. It has pricing details and more.

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