Adept businessman Shivam Shukla’s vision to build Hotel & Facility management chain in India

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world”

In the world today where youth is getting inspiration from many successful entrepreneurs and moving ahead with an idea of a startup. They require an effective environment to support their core business. Facility Management helps in supporting such businessmen by building effective, and efficient places for business to execute. It is all about collecting and interpreting data on facts and property use. Every business has an objective to manage their business as efficiently as possible. To have an optimum utilization of their resources, businessmen look over for facility managers who can work on their behalf.  Shivam Shukla, a young Entrepreneur in the hospitality industry has a vision to construct hotel and facility management chains across India. He stepped into the industry in year 2013 with his father and the next year: in 2014, he started his first restaurant “Shukla’s Kitchen”. He is the director of “Cutting Edge Hotel consultant Pvt Ltd”. In 2016 his company took over a hotel named ‘Hotel Florence’ and started its resto, bars, marriage laws. In 2017 they became ‘Facility management service provider’ with PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana)

The work of a facility manager is to look over the installation and operational services for effective management of the business. They also look over the other services to determine the best use of the facility. The utmost goal of a good  facility manager will always be to achieve acceptable performance in each and every area of the installation. Shivam Shukla has been working over his vision as his facility management team came forward at the crucial time of Covid to help the crucial They have served thousands of meals to students coming back to Raipur. His team under PMGSY was also converted into a quarantine center last year. They served 4 times a day to the patients and needy people under the guidelines of Covid -19. Providing consultancy to new startup hotels is the prior motive of Shivam Shukla. In the year 2017, his team opened 2 hotels in Chhattisgarh: ‘Hotel Trinity Grand’ and ‘Hotel Raj Imperial’. They trained the staff there and made both the hotels stand-in ‘3star category’, later handing over the hotel to the owner.

Being engaged in a facility management team requires the whole team to possess a wide range of essential skills. If we talk about facility management in Hospitality and specifically in opening Hotels, it requires to be more vibrant for a facility manager to build the best guest service. It is the team responsible to create a virtuous environment for a better guest experience with glitch-free equipment. They need to add on some extras to attract more guests. Improving concierge services for better connectivity with guests’ needs and wants. Increasing staff performance is the utmost requirement as it leaves everlasting experience in the mind of people who acquired the services.  Facility management and managers are the backbone of new establishments to bloom and ensure better growth in the long run for business.

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