Interview With YA BOY N.O.I.S.

Where are you from?

I’m from Danville, California, small town in the East Bay Area.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

Just life. I try to draw inspiration from all around me but mainly just my day to day, seeing the successes of my friends around me, being able to make a living doing what I love. Thats where I draw it all from. You can always count on me to make some different shit just based on how my day is going or what current situation I’m in, it’s all gonna make it into the music. 

What are 3 words that describe your music?

I’m from the bay so you know #1 has to be Slap. Everything gotta slap regardless. Other than that I’d say just Experimental and Unique. I used to hate that I felt my shit didn’t sound like anybody elses shit but now it’s what I pride myself on.

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

As a writer I’m just talking about whatevers going on in my life. I’ve lost a lot of people close to me over the years and have put some of that into the music as well, I don’t know if I’d say its hard to write those type of records, because ultimately its like venting for me and its a creative outlet, but anytime I’m talking about that kinda shit I definitely feel like the records is just hitting close to home, not just for me, but for anybody who can relate to that.

 What are the challenges of being an artist/producer/engineer?

Just being put in one box or another. I’m the type to try n stay in my lane whenever I’m doing something professionaly. So if I’m mixing an album for my favorite artist, it’s hard for me to be like “hey, let me press play on you I been working on some shit” because then it feels like I’m shifting the focus away from what’s important at that time, which is getting they album done. The spotlight has to be on them for me to be able to give it my 100 and make them feel comfortable. Nobody likes the dude in the session trying to press they shit on you. But being all three of those things is what’s helped make me great at what I do. Having an understanding of all three aspects and being able to apply that as my two cents to a record is definitely invaluable. 

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

I been working on my first producer album all through quarantine, mainly with some lesser known artists that I just really fuck with and want to try to create a lane for as best I can. I’m also working on an EP with my dog Mitch who’s signed to YG under 4hunnid. Me and him just been locked in creating a new sound and I’m real excited about how that’s coming out. I might be working on a lil sum back on my artist shit too but I don’t wanna speak on that too much just yet.

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