How Hodgson Brisbane lawyer Can Help In Domestic Violence

Over the past few decades, domestic violence (DV) across geographical boundaries has been recognized as a public health issue. In essence, it also books itself as a major crime. 

In Australia alone, cases of DV are pretty common. Only last year, alleged domestic violence incidents witnessed a spike right after the COVID induced lockdown. 

Reportedly, the South Australian police saw a 12 percent increase in DV reports across 2020–both physical and sexual assaults, accompanied by death threats and other property related offences. 

Similarly, the western part of the country also witnessed a jump in the number of DV cases by no less than 10 percent, and other violence and threatening behaviour by at least 15 percent. Brisbane too recorded case counts going up by as much as 30 percent, and Queensland reported more than 80 percent of DV cases related to manipulation and controlling behaviour. 

As of April 2021, more than 14,000 Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVO’s) were issued to protect aggrieved females, compared to 3372 orders issued for aggrieved males. 

However, given the nature of law prevailing across Australia, domestic violence cases, both for the aggrieved and the respondent can be full of confusion without a worthy lawyer in the picture. Someone who is not only an experienced fella but can get the job done by fulfilling the case objectives. 

Remember, no matter how easy it looks, representing a case all by yourself is never a good idea as one can land into even deeper troubles without acute knowledge of the law. 

In this post, we mull over three significant reasons why hiring domestic violence lawyers from Queensland law firms can be of great help. 

Minimizing the consequences of DV charges

Individuals booked under the DV law often admit their behaviour being a one-time occurrence; something that took place in the heat of the moment. However, the law can be very strict for any kind of misdemeanor. 

What a first-time offender looks at can be either a minor fine followed by alcohol and drug examinations, as well as restrictions on buying or possessing firearms. At times, when things get serious enough, one can be taken into custody. 

With legal aid lawyers Brisbane on your side you will always have a better chance to look for admissible offences and other procedural matters, like negotiations before trial leading to dismissal or acquittal of case.  

Addressing urgent concerns 

In the majority of cases where the aggrieved and the respondent live under the same roof, things demand urgent consideration. The court is quick enough to issue orders that prevent the individuals to stay together or make any contact whatsoever. 

Such an order is bound to hold ground even if the aggrieved doesn’t press any charges. This is where a Brisbane lawyer can make a difference. He can submit a request petition to the court to lift no-contact orders. For what it matters most, the lawyer can also move the court with a plea to give a chance to the couple to reside peacefully. This is increasingly important when they have children and would want to share their responsibility equally. 

Domestic violence diversion program

In DV cases where the respondent fails to offer enough evidence to press charges against the accused, free legal advice QLD can suggest the court consider a domestic violence diversion program. 

Doing so allows an offender to admit his guilt and undergo a 

pre-scheduled period of probation and counselling. This is befitting as the admission is put on record and sealed for good, not to be exhibited to the public anytime in the future. In other words, it never shows up in the criminal record of a person, in case they are applying for a job or otherwise. 

So, if you are planning to press charges for domestic violence or have been framed for the same, always choose to fight your battle with a worthy domestic violence lawyer by your side. 

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