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How AI Can Boost Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

As we have discovered in the last few years, AI tools have a great impact on your marketing efforts. However, AI is often referred to as an expensive tool and for small business marketing, AI is especially assumed to be out of reach. Mainly due to limited budgets and resource crunch. But not anymore. Thanks to the dynamic nature of the AI world, small businesses like yours can now leverage the power of this futuristic tool at an affordable price. There are many AI tools for small business marketing that can help boost your reach and target the right audience.

Coming to the real deal, here is how AI can boost your small business marketing efforts:

  1. Enhance your ads

The online age has advanced immensely and with that, it is now possible to target niche groups of your audience at ease. AI tools such as the ones available on Facebook and Instagram enable you to analyze and collect the data of your audience based on their demographics, gender, interests, and more, with just a few clicks. This enables small businesses to create captivating online campaigns that pique the specific interest of people. Why spend a majority of your budget on rolling out broader and generic ads when you can use AI and do effective marketing?

  1. Boost your content marketing strategy

Creating content is the king in the marketing world and if you haven’t yet made the most of it, you are losing out on huge traffic. Creating valuable and quality content helps drive traffic to your website and other landing pages. But creating great content isn’t a cakewalk. This is why most companies on the internet don’t make it to the top of SERP even after investing in content marketing. Search engines like Google are constantly advancing their tools to detect content that actually has value over content forcefully fitted keywords. For this reason, you must invest in a good content strategy. There are various AI tools for small business marketing available at an affordable rate that can help make your content marketing strategy resonate with your audience. Check out Instoried now. Such tools can help you add emotions to your content and avoid making it sound robotic, plus the readability can also be enhanced with intelligent suggestions.

  1. Improve ROI of your email marketing

AI tools are a great way to improve your productivity and automate certain recurring tasks such as email marketing. There only a handful of businesses that have identified the importance of email marketing and have utilized it to the fullest. Having a strong email marketing strategy can help you connect with your audience personally and increase the rate of conversions. How can AI help? From knowing who your subscribers are and what are their interests to creating a bang-on headline and crisp content, AI tools are your saviors for this. AI also helps you identify what is the best time of the week and day when you can roll out your emails. This priceless data can help improve the ROI of your email marketing strategies. The benefits don’t just end here, you can also measure and track the results of your email marketing campaign with AI. It can give you a detailed analysis of delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, open rates and more to strategically improve your next campaign. As mentioned above, you can schedule your emails in advance and roll them out between regular time intervals using AI for small business marketing.

  1. AI can ease your customer’s life

Every tool that you invest in is an investment for your customer. With the power of AI tools, you can create a chatbot on your website or other platforms. Chatbots can make smart recommendations to your customers, answer their generic queries and add an overall human touch to your business. AI-driven chatbots have proven to be a great investment for small business marketing. They ease the customer service process and make your products more visible. Users can find exactly what they are looking for with the help of chatbots and for this, they are surely going to love you!

So where can you start from?

There are tons of AI tools for small business marketing out there, doesn’t mean you need them all. Identify the features that make sense to your business and what you’d want to improve about your existing model- it could be the way people perceive your brand or the way you reach out to them. Identify it and implement tools one at a time. Remember, AI isn’t limited to multi-national companies, so don’t undermine your business.

If you are looking for an AI tool to optimize your email marketing and content marketing, Instoried Web App is a great place to explore. Instoried focuses on empathetic marketing and predicts the emotional engagement of written content to get smart recommendations in real-time. Instoried is your one-stop for supercharging your blogs, emails, social media, advertising content, and more. The AI analysis tool allows you to write and upload documents and get instant feedback on their quality. It detects the emotional quotient of the content and makes real-time recommendations to enhance and add empathy to it. There is also a Panel Testing feature that enables you to get your content analyzed by our experts. Get immediate corrections, emotional analysis, tonal analysis, plagiarism check and headline analysis, all on the app- Instoried!

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