Creator Behind Television Sensation “Mare of Easttown” Inks Lucrative HBO Overall Deal

How have I not written one single blessed word about one of the most buzzed about series of 2021, Mare of Easttown? This self-reflecting question hit me like a veritable double decker bus (sang in my best Morrissey English accent) one bright morning not too many days back as I contemplated the best and the worst of recent television offerings and found myself admiring the HBO show. My internal monologue was given actual substance just a day or two later when a good friend of mine basically (yet kindly; bless him) asked me the same thing in so many words. Guilt, always my unwanted yet constant backseat driver, piled on almost immediately as I began to furtively scan the Distinguished Competition (i.e. Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Entertainment “Weekly”) and noted with some alarm that everyone and their uncle was waxing rhapsodic about Mare of Easttown and its twisty, windy whodunit with its central protagonist, determined yet flawed Mare Sheehan (essayed by Kate Winslet) and her imperfect quest for the truth in a bloody murder case. Everyone but me, that is. Suddenly, I began to compulsively look over my shoulder and mind my step, lest the pop culture gods descended from the clouds and demanded my press card revoked ASAP. How could I have missed out on writing about one of the water cooler shows of the year? Had I spent one article too many frothing at the mouth about a new Young Guns sequel or exhaled too much oxygen stumping for Oliver Stone’s upcoming JFK documentary? Well, yeah, probably. Asleep at the wheel, that was me. Brushing crow from the corner of my downturned mouth and fending off copious brickbats bouquets from my esteemed contemporaries, I set out to remedy the dearth of Mare of Easttown coverage from my corner of the Vents world to bring to fans worldwide this sorta fresh, sorta new headline that kinda (but not totally) deals with aforementioned series; Better late than never?

 According to our always on the ball buddies over at The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Ingelsby – the creator of Mare of Easttown – has signed along the dotted line in a very tasty and lucrative HBO overall deal, proving that some creativity and originality does not go unrewarded.

 The deal that Ingelsby has inked is a three year one (that’s the Hollywood equivalent of a lifetime, by the by) that will enable the creative guru to develop brand new projects for HBO. The deal is made all the more remarkable in that Mare of Easttown is Ingelsby’s very first series. In the world of motion pictures, the auteur is well known for such work as The Way Back and Run All Night.

 On the horizon, too, might just be a sophomore season to Mare of Easttown; Winslet has already publically declared that if the story were there she would totally re-up as Mare. For his part, Ingelsby has been cautiously receptive to a continuation of the hit series: “If there was a world in which we were convinced this is a continuation of the story that honors the first chapter and does things an audience will appreciate, then maybe.” As long as we’re not looking at a Homecoming season two scenario (the less said about that sophomore season, the better…), then sign this yellow journalist up STAT for a future article on Mare of Easttown. Finally.

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