CEO of Allied Wallet Andy Khawaja Repays Armed Service Veterans For Their Courageous Military Service

Allied Wallet, a multinational pioneer in the provision of widespread online payment processing, various currency retailer facilities, and a PCI Level 1 protected payment gateway and its CEO Andy Khawaja were acknowledged by the United Service Organizations for their incredible assistance and aid towards the male and female veterans of the United States military and their families.

Allied Wallet’s considerable donations and assistance to organizations like the American Red Cross, Eagle and Badge Foundation, ASACP, After-School All-Stars, Brent Shapiro Foundation, Action Innocence, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, From the Heart Productions, Hope for Change International, and STAR Team for the Children have noticed and appreciated by many international bodies.

Along with assisting the aforementioned organizations, on the behalf of the success of their “Fintech” project they have extended further assistance to the United States veterans. This has been done so through public and open backing and donations to the United Service Organizations, Wounded Warrior Project, and Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Dr. Andy Khawaja expressed his dedication to the veteran cause by explaining that as a prosperous business organization with many offices across the US cities of New York, California and Arizona, it is a top priority of his and Allied Wallet to repay the courageous veterans for their unimaginably tough service and their commitment to protecting us and our fellow citizens back home. Being an international corporation, Khawaja added that they wish for all their allies both security and welfare.

Allied Wallet is committed to their mission statement of uniting consumers and producers from across the globe together. They aspire to maintain a platform where people can interlink with each other no matter where they are located so that a place is created in which ideas, creations and facilities can be shared for mutual benefit.

Their international assistance and aid through donations to a spectrum of countries is a premier example of their effort and dedication to improving the circumstances of individuals globally and to build a better society for all.

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