5 fashion tips for tall women’s clothes

The definition of fashion is different for different people. A lot of it depends on the different physical attributes a person is gifted with. People who are tall will definitely dress up differently than people who are short, but at the end of the day, both of them can look extremely attractive with the right fashion choices.

Today, we will discuss 5 fashion tips for tall women, to help them level up their fashion game as if they weren’t already. Besides, how tall is tall? The average height of women is around 5 feet and 4 inches, so let’s assume anything above that is tall!

Now, if you were thinking that being tall is uncommon in women – well, not really! Honestly, their height is a gift, and not something which should hold them back. So let’s dig in and find out some secret hacks that can make heads turn when you enter the room.

1.    Learn to embrace “bold”

How often have you walked into a room full of people, and seen all the eyeballs towards you? Tall women experience that on a daily basis. This is exactly why you need to learn to flash Bold choices!

Your height gives you presence, gets eyeballs glued to you, so dress accordingly. There is no need to shy away and dress conservatively. Learn to play with bold patterns and prints, and try them often to get used to them.

You will love the oomph of it once the element of bold gets added to your personality as well.

2.    You don’t have to dress conventionally

For your height, short dresses, pants, and clothes, in general, are short. If they are supposed to end brushing the floor, sometimes tall women experience them only brushing their ankles.

It is what it is, so rather than shying away from them, why not turn your clothes into fashion statements?

For instance, if that maxi from Amazon doesn’t end at your ankles, tie up the sides to turn that maxi into midi. Similarly, try different hacks and carry it like a boss!

3.    Don’t forget the golden word – BALANCE!

Now this one should be a completely personalized objective. There isn’t a golden rule book to create balance in your outfits because no tall women are the same, everyone has different body proportions.

Some have broad shoulders, whereas, some have long legs. To balance in fashion means to use contrasting elements, in different proportions, keeping in sync with the body proportions.

If you are naturally gifted with broad shoulders, wear clothes that are more focused on hips, this will help keep up with the balance. For girls with long legs, crop tops aren’t a good option because their legs are already dominating.

Similarly, you can explore depending on your body type. But before that, you should surely check out https://www.blueillusion.com/ to get a sneak-peek into some never-seen-before fashion choices.

4.    Accessorize big time

Colors and coordination are golden Cs for accessorizing. It’s not especially for tall women but for everyone. If you accessorize well, it will help you to bring your entire outfit together.

Remember, there’s no hard and fast rule for accessorizing, but learn to match your outfit with the right jewelry, purses, and shoes. Good accessorizing can enhance a simple outfit to a stunning fashion piece!

5.    Legs, Legs, & Legs

This is an attribute most tall girls have in common, so why not show it off? Your long legs are a reason why jumpsuits and skinny jeans look so good on you. It is simple, you got it, you flaunt it. But at the same time, I am sure, you are not a big fan of mini dresses on your long legs.

Plus, you can make your long legs, and your fashion statement a lot better by wearing skirts, and keeping the hemline above your knees.

Over to you…

Fashion, in the end, is a game of confidence. None of the tips, tricks, or guides will ever work if you don’t have the confidence in yourself. Keep your fashion statement in sync with your confidence, and wear clothes that make you feel good – not the society!

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