Stardom is the ultimate goal of most rap artists; however, the journey requires relentless efforts, passion, and sometimes sweat to attain.

Reign RoseGold is definitely an artist that’s worth looking out for, she has been through it all but this fast-rising artist has never lost sight of her dream of becoming an influential rap artist who is vastly known for the quality of music she delivers. 

Her journey didn’t start yesterday, because from a very young age, 5 years old precisely, she could relate so well with the amount of passion that Kanye West put into his music while hearing him on the radio. 

She’ll later confirm that it was one of her defining moments, and an experience that she wouldn’t forget in a hurry as it ignited something profound in her very soul.

She went on to carve a unique sound of her own with lyrics that make an indelible impression on its hearers and in Reign RoseGold’s words “I’ve only just scratched the surface.”

Well, we have to believe her and actively look forward to her sounds and tunes because she is a gifted young woman who has so much to offer everyone who has true value for musical entertainment.

Reign RoseGold also draws inspiration from renowned rap artists like Nicki Minaj and Lauren Hills who she adores unreservedly. Her inspirations from their song mixed with her original sounds create the perfect blend of rap music that’ll have you grooving to it non-stop.

Her music makes you forget to unsmash the replay button and lots of her fans and admirers have had this to say about her. For an artist who is finally having her own voice as a rap and hip-hop icon in her own right, her style of music is entertaining and exciting. More so, her beats and raps exude a perfect blend of a modern and current vibe. 

Don’t be surprised at all when you see her music videos having that 90s-style to it, because Reign RoseGold still honors The Fresh Prince of Bel-air reruns who was acutely famous for his unique and flashy neon style. It’s how she blends this style into the present that just makes you adore her intelligence some more.

For her, it’s not always been a bed of roses, and life has dealt her some of its biggest blows yet, it still couldn’t douse her dreams of becoming a rap and hip-hop legend in her own right. 

She witnessed a quick succession of the death of her mother, grandmother, and partner but converted that tragic backstory into positive fuel for writing quality tunes and helping others overcome similar situations, through her music.

Reign RoseGold is to be admired for her strength and unwavering courage. Her music will definitely stand the test of time and will be sung in various Nations for years to come. 

Already, she has had a successful live appearance at the “Respect the underground” showcase and she’s continuously serving her fast-growing fan base the quality sounds that they love to hear. No doubt, Reign RoseGold is an absolutely inspiring and exciting rap artist that has earned a name for herself in 2021.


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