INTERVIEW: Elijah Howard

Can you talk to us more about “Love Thats Charming”

  Love that’s charming is the first Single off my new album. Its infused with Harmonic Melodies, with a soft 90’s vibe. While recording the song at my studio the melody kind of hit me out of nowhere. The song was suppose to sound completely different from what it sounds like now. I kind of changed it, after the first studio session. If you heard the demo version and the final product you will definitely see what I mean. Maybe one day I will put out an all Demo Version Album of my Songs.

Did any event in Particular Inspire you to write this song?

  The message of this song hasn’t happened to me just yet, but I have seen it happen to lots of Relationships,close friends, and family. Its about Leaving or Ignoring your True love, for someone you THINK is a better candidate to date you. Soon after you realize this new Candidate does not appreciate you like you thought they would. Your ACTUAL true love was the one you left, most of the time you try running back, but its already too late. Your Soul-mate has Moved on.

How was the Filming process and experience behind the video?

  We have not filmed the music video yet, But it is Scheduled to be filmed in July! But making the Song in the Studio was incredible!

The Single comes off your new album Stardust- Whats the story behind the title?

 In addition to what I mentioned earlier, The song is about, staying true to your Love, your Soul-mate, Your Partner in crime, The grass isn’t always Greener on the other side.

How Was the recording process?

 Recording this song was very interesting! Writing it was very Simple I usually hear the songs in a dream or Randomly during the day. I wont hear actual words, but more of a melody. And I will immediately pull up my voice recorder on the phone, which now has over 350 recordings Spanning over 4 years since 2017! Recording it was Amazing! My Producer of this Song “Stewart Tuttle” at “The Alter Studio” in North Hollywood was very Direct and Vocal about what should stay and what we should leave out, all the while listening to my ideas and incorporating them as-well!

What Role Does LA play in your Music?

 Los Angeles! Its the City Dreams, City of Angels! So close to Hollywood, you see so many stories on the news, and witness so many things in real life, my music definitely taps into some of the Visuals, Cultures, Characters, and Experiences of Los Angeles, that people fly across the world to Witness. My music will take them their without them leaving their homes.

Where did you find the Inspiration for the songs and Lyrics?

My inspiration for this album is a wide spectrum of everything in my life, from My favorite movies, Tv shows, other musical artists, Especially, Michael and Janet Jackson! I’ve wrote music inspired just from visiting the Beach, or even just from hanging around friends of good Natural energy!

Whats Else is Happening in Elijah Howard’s World?

 Wow! Where do I Begin? I have my 10 Episode Web Series “Elijah, The Storm Prince” That should be out by October 2021, I am deciding to Go on Tour! For my New Album “Stardust” I am in the Preparing stage of my Live performances for this album. Lots of Music Collaborations, I usually don’t collaborate often, but its definitely happening soon.

More acting! More Music! More of me leaving my Legacy Behind, I am Elijah.

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