6 Best Streaming Apps To Watch HD Videos

These days almost every person wants to watch videos in 4K results because 4K quality is the best for watching your favorite video. So if you like watching videos of 4K quality, please keep following this article because we will mention some best streaming apps that you can use to watch videos of 4K quality. You cannot only use these apps on your Laptops and LEDs, but also you can use your Smartphones to run these apps.

So today, we will be revealing the 6 best streaming apps that you can use for watching videos in HD results, even on your Smartphones. These apps are even smaller in size. Also, the output they deliver is charming.

Before revealing the names of those apps, I will first explain the features. Then I will mention their names.

Features of Using Streaming Apps

There are tons of features in every streaming app, and I will mention them in brief detail.

Access To Content: The very first feature that I like is the content accessibility is 24/7. There is no time limitation of using any app. You can enjoy the content at any console you want. There is even no console limitation.

Easy To Explore: The navigation of these apps is user-friendly, and you can easily explore a vast collection of videos without performing any big tasks. You’ve to open the app, and you will enter into a video paradise.

High-Quality Videos: No doubt, high-quality videos are the top priority of every user. The higher the quality, the more user enjoys the videos. So in these apps, the result of every video is in 1080p and 4K. You will not face any buffering while watching the videos, and the videos will be of unexpected quality.

Colossal Collection of Videos: The videos are in HD, but there is a vast collection of them. You will be able to see every video you like. Some of these apps also provide videos of old age. We will mention the names of those apps further.

Downloading The Videos: Some videos are so popular that the users want to see those videos again and again. So there is an option of downloading the videos and watching them offline. You can download the videos you like and watch them repeatedly or just a specific scene you love.

Enabling The Subtitles: There is an option given to every user. Some people prefer to watch videos with subtitles. So you can turn the subtitles on or off. The choice is yours. Some videos are in other languages, but you can still turn on the subtitles in your preferred language.

Mark Your Favorite Videos: Suppose you want to watch the videos without downloading them. Then there is an option available for you. You’ve to check “Add to favorites,” with that, you’ll be able to add that video to your “Favorites” library. From there, you can watch that video at any time you want.

New Videos Are Updated: Whenever a new movie or season is released, it gets featured on the main page of that app. There is no need to confirm the date of a newly released film. You can see that video after opening the main page.

These were the fantastic features of the apps that we are going to reveal. You will experience more astonishing features while using these apps. I think now is the right time to explain the names of these apps.

One last thing before revealing these apps, you need laptops to use these apps, and if you don’t know which laptop is best for streaming videos, you must get a guideline. Well, this is the best website that will guide you in selecting laptops.


In first place comes the most popular streaming app named Netflix. It is the first-ever streaming app that came into the market. Its initial release date is August 29, 1997, and for 22 years, it is providing its services. It has dominated the competition because of its experience and content quality.

It has 193 million registered users who pay its monthly fees. Netflix also offers a free trial to its users for 30 days. In those 30 days, the users get captured by Netflix after seeing the features in it.

It provided its services only in the US when it was released, but now it has several other parent companies working outside the US. Netflix has dominated the whole world, but it took 22 years to dominate.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is a leading eCommerce website with plenty of products in it. You can buy everything from Amazon by just placing your order. The order you place gets delivered to your address. But you can also use Amazon to watch videos in HD quality. Amazon has its separate service named Amazon Prime.

So its official name is Amazon Prime, and you can watch countless videos by exploring Amazon Prime. Several shows are not available on Netflix, but you can use Amazon Prime to watch those videos in high quality.

In the beginning, Amazon was providing its content, but later they signed with Viacom, and from that day, Amazon Prime rocked the streaming market. Viacom helped Amazon hosting Comedy and other fun stuff for kids and adults. So you can use Amazon Prime to watch thrillers and entertaining stuff.


HBO Max is also a newly released streaming service whose parent is Warner Media. There were two previous services, and those were HBO GO and HBO Now. When Warner Media released HBO Max, all the users of HBO GO and HBO Now were migrated to HBO Max. That is the reason it has gained 4.1 million users in just five months.

The initial release date of HBO Max is May 27, 2020, and now it has approximately 4.1 million users. The area it serves is the only US. No other country user can use this app without any VPN.

The content providers of HBO Max are huge. Several companies are streaming their content on HBO Max. Some famous companies are BBC, CNN, Sky, and Warner Bros. Several other TV channels and companies are working with HBO Max. You will get 10000 hours of content to watch on it.


Using Crackle is useful for users because of many reasons. The very first reason for its goodness is it is free to use. You don’t need to pay a single dime to try this service. There are two sections, one is free, and the second is premium. In the open division, you are shown some limited videos with loads of commercials. But you are not paying a single dime, so you’ve to view those commercials.

If you want to enjoy an ad-free environment, then please go with its premium one. Crackle is also known as “Sony Crackle” because Sony later owned it for $65 million. That is the reason it is also known as “Sony Crackle.” The content hosted on this app is mostly from Warner Bros and some other famous content providers.

The logo of Crackle was changed in 2008 whereas, it was founded on May 4, 2007. The logo of Crackle was changed in 2008 whereas, it was founded on May 4, 2007. That is the only streaming service that provides premium content for free. The free version has a vast collection of videos, and all of them are in HD results.

You can download this Crackle app from any website. There are numerous websites available. A TO Z APK is one of the best websites for Android apps. You can use this website to get these apps whenever you want.


We all know that Amazon and other tech giants have provided their streaming service, so Apple has also decided to offer a streaming service. You can use Apple TV Plus on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and PC. Many people were worried when Apple announced that it would be only for iOS devices. But later, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that we would release this app on every console.

This app is available on Apple’s Store, and it was launched on November 1, 2019. No advertisements annoy you when you are watching the videos on this app. If you use this app on any iOS device, then you will feel the 4K result. The exact effect of this app is in 1080p.

Apple TV Plus now has 10 million users, and it is busy providing more stuff. Apple TV Plus is contacting various streaming companies to host content on their app.

There is one bad thing about Apple TV Plus, and that is its trial. You don’t get any trial to test the app. You have to pay directly, and without paying, you would not be given any chance to test the app, which is the wrong thing, in my opinion.


So now comes the last app of our topic, and its name is Philo. We can also say that Facebook owns this app to some extent because Facebook and HBO have also made a small investment. It has 61 popular channels, and you can view videos on them. BBC America and BBC World News are also a part of it.

Andrew McCollum is the CEO of it, and he launched it in 2009 in San Francisco.

You can create ten profiles in one account and host three simultaneous streams. This app is suitable for mobile users as it has a mobile-friendly interface. It is useful for mobile users doesn’t mean that it is terrible for Desktop users. Desktop users can also enjoy this app with a proper environment.

This app is also used for studying because it was launched at Harvard. As of September 2015, this app is considered to be student-friendly because it was introduced in 42 universities for studying. Those who are want to explore things can also use this app. This app can be used in two ways, for entertainment and also for studying.


So that’s all for the 6 streaming apps, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you need any help related to these services, then you can ask in the comments section. We provide full support to our users who ask for help in our comments section.

These six streaming apps will help to pass your time in a pleasant environment. Plus, you can get lots of knowledge if you use these apps for studying. So that’s all for now, and I will see you in the next one.

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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