Weekend Movie Recommendations: Bond. James Bond Edition

It was announced recently that MGM has been bought by Amazon. MGM is perhaps best known for being the home of the James Bond films. That got me thinking about recommending some Bond films for this weekend’s movie watching. It turns out that basically every Bond movie that doesn’t star Daniel Craig is currently available to watch for free (with ads) on Tubi and Pluto TV. That means it is easy to watch these films. Wanting to offer up a sampling, I’ve got a “golden” trio of recommendations for you.

I’m going in chronological order, so I am starting with Goldfinger. Many consider this the best of the Sean Connery movies, and some even consider it the best Bond film full stop. It’s definitely one of the more famous ones. Auric Goldfinger’s plot is pretty crazy, but this movie gives us Oddjob and perhaps the craziest, yet most-quintessential, Bond girl name: Pussy Galore.

After Goldfinger, it’s time to move on from Connery to Roger Moore. Now, the Moore films tend to be a bit sillier. In one of them he goes to outer space. I’m not recommending Moonraker, though. My recommendation is for The Man with the Golden Gun. Christopher Lee plays the villain, something he excels at, and there is something cool about a fancy gun made of gold that is also particularly lethal. I am not as familiar with the Moore films, but if you are up for a little frothiness they can be fun.

Then, we end with Goldeneye. I told you these were golden recommendations. Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan’s debut in the role, and it’s the best of his Bond movies. In truth, it’s the only good Brosnan movie in the series. Despite that, it’s maybe one of my favorites. It’s also the one I have seen the most because it was the first new Bond movie of my life as a sentient movie watcher.

A propósito de James Bond 25: un ranking de todos los actores que han dado  vida al agente - VIX

Three Bond movies, three different Bonds, zero paid streaming services needed. Enjoy your Bond! It’s a nice lead in to when Craig’s final Bond movie finally comes out. Hopefully it will be this year this time.

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