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The Seder is the day of the ritual feast in the Jewish tradition to celebrate freedom and the customs involve storytelling, eating symbolic foods, and drinking wine of four cups. Can you imagine the picture where all the relatives and family members have gathered together to discuss stories over foods and drinks? However, in Jewish tradition,everything has a significance where people tell the stories of the Exodus, eat matza and other symbolic foods that are served on the Pesach Seder Plate.

As the Pesach Seder Plate serves symbolic foods, therefore, the plates have historical significance in the Jewish culture. The story of Exodus is the story of the liberty of Israelites in ancient Egypt from slavery. Therefore, the family members gather together on this day to celebrate their culture and to listen to the historical stories from the elders of the family.

Foods on the Plate:

            Pesach Seder Plate serves six symbolic items along with three matzos during the ritual meal. This special plate includes the following six traditional foods-

  • Chazeret and Maror: These are bitter herbs and this food takes place on the plate in order to feel the bitterness of slavery.
  • Karpas: A vegetable that represents hope and Jewish people keep this vegetable in the saltwater before serve. The first thing that a Jewish eats after the Kiddush at the Seder table is this vegetable.
  • Charoset: It is a sweet mixture of nuts, apples, and red wine and it represents the bricks of the pyramids of Egypt.
  • Beitzah: In order to symbolize the festival sacrifice, a roasted egg or Beitzah takes place on the plate.
  • Zeoroah: It is a roasted bone of a lamb that symbolically reflects the sacrifice of a lamb.
  • Three Matzot: Besides the above-mentioned six items, three pieces of matzot or flat-shaped bread are also an important part of the meal on the day of the Seder. The blessing over bread has also a part of the Jewish tradition.

Design of the Pesach Seder Plate:

             As the plate serves six symbolic foods, therefore, the plate consists of six sections, and each section is separated from the other. Besides this characteristic, the design of the Pesach Seder Plate is also beautiful. As these plates are valuable to every Jewish and essential part of a Jewish family, manufacturers take care of the design of the plates keeping in mind the Jewish taste. Now, in this of marketing, there are several types of Seder Plates with different metals and different designs are available in the shops.

How to Purchase the Pesach Seder Plates?

            The best place to buy the plates is the online stores. Because online stores will offer you different types of Seder plates and you can choose the plates from your home. Besides providing a variety of plates, the online stores can offer you attractive discounts. You can also have unlimited stocks and compare the prices of the plates from different online stores. There are several advantages that the online stores provide and you can get your products sitting at your home.

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