Happy Birthday To Buzzr!

I write about game shows a decent amount on this website. A lot of them are related to old-school game shows. I write about my favorite hosts and shows that just don’t work for me. I’ve written about how I like Card Sharks now but then I wrote about how maybe I actually don’t like Card Sharks. Why, just last week I wrote about Elizabeth “Liz” Montgomery crushing it on Password Plus. The day I wrote this I was actually watching her on there again. I also tuned in to some classic Match Game and a bit of an episode of Sale of the Century featuring Charles “Chip” Esten, who would become an actor and improviser of some note.

Much of my game show fix comes from Buzzr, the over-the-air channel that also seems to be available on about every streaming service there is. I personally have like three or four options for watching Buzzr, and I often do. The network launched six years ago this week. They celebrated their birthday with gusto, and they earned it. I feel like Buzzr is a channel I watch as much as any these days. Granted, it’s often in fits and starts. It’s the ultimate channel to flip over to during a commercial break. Even so, in terms of minutes I spend on a channel, Buzzr is near the top of my list.

I remember when I first caught Buzzr. It wasn’t long after it launched. I flipped over and caught some ‘70s Match Game. It hooked me. I had seen Match Game a bit back in the day, but I really dug it. I became pretty preoccupied with ‘70s Match Game for a while, and it’s now my favorite game show. It’s also still a staple of Buzzr. Just don’t bother with the Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour. That’s a real misfire.

The offerings on Buzzr have changed over the year. I can’t remember the last time I saw Family Feud. On the other hand, they added Supermarket Sweep, which I have turned on when visiting my parents many times over. Buzzr is just a pure nostalgia grab, sure. It’s whole ethos is showing classic game shows. Some of them are fun. Some of them are Classic Concentration. As a fame of vintage TV, it’s right up my alley. Happy Birthday, Buzzr. Here’s to many more.

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